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May is Maternal Mental Health Month and with great advances being made in practice to reduce gender imbalance and offer

With the cost of fuel soaring, employers in accountancy would be wise to reconsider their stance on hybrid working and

If you’re preparing for an interview for your dream job in accountancy, there’s lots that you can do to prepare.

There’s plenty of firms out there who have recently made the decision to merge with other firms or who have

April is National Stress Awareness Month and we’ve already written a blog directed at the employers in our audience helping

Being a leader in an accountancy firm is a big job. You’re expected to inspire, mentor, delegate, decide, do….. the

Calling accountants in practice – we NEED you! It’s that time again and we’re asking accountants up and down the

How can Accountancy Firms #InvestInourPlanet Every year on the 22nd April the global community gets together to celebrate Earth Day,

What do employers in public practice value more? As you’ll no doubt be aware, at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we’ve

There’s no easy way to dismiss an accountant in practice. It’s often the hardest part of leadership, but when it

April is National Stress Awareness Month And it’s highly likely that your workforce is impacted by stress even if you’re

Are you ready to apply for a leadership role in an accountancy practice? You might be concerned that you don’t



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