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In today’s article we wanted to consider a situation that is not uncommon for our candidates to find themselves in,

Being a responsible employer is a hard ask these days. There’s so many boxes to tick. And at Public Practice

No two accountancy careers are the same and there’s no rule book that says at what point you should be

Do you spend much time reflecting on how far you’ve come in your career as an accountant? Or are you

The landscape of recruitment in practice is changing and in 2022 we’ve seen firsthand the enhanced results that clients see

Are you an accountant looking to propel your career to the next level but feeling let down by your confidence

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’ve been doing lots of work lately on our core values. Over the last few

We’ll start this article with a strong statement of fact. Liverpool FC is the greatest football club on the planet.

Do you have LGBTQ+ members of your workforce? Would you like to show them how proud you are to employ

Did you know that flexible working has never been more commonplace in practice? So often we hear from candidates who

Today we’re asking accountants to consider whether their relationship with their boss or line manager might be hindering their career

Lots of our clients are owners of small, independent firms. They’ve put almost their whole professional lives into creating the



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