Reaching the Summit
of your Career

What are the synergies between scaling Everest and reaching the peak of your career? 

When we discovered Tony Mills plan to attempt to summit Mount Everest we instantly knew we wanted to be involved. His mission to scale Everest seemed to perfectly mirror the difficult climb many of our candidates face when progressing through their career. 

Our MD Garry Howling interviewed Tony about the task ahead, along with presenting him with various bits of essential kit (pictured). Having spoken with Tony at length about his epic challenge we felt compelled to follow his journey (view his adventure in pictures via the gallery below).

What is the Summit of your Success?
Often, when we ask a candidate ‘What does success look like to you?’ we are greeted with an uncomfortable silence. But if you don’t know what a successful summit looks, feels and sounds like, how will you know when you get there?

We suggest taking time out to think formally about your career progress at least once a year in order to realign your short & long-term goals.  Once you have decided on your long-term career goal you will need to plot a route to reach it. Few successful people get there by accident. When faced with climbing a mountain, you don’t reach the summit in one push, it takes planning, discipline and in general lots of hard work.

We can’t decide on what your Summit looks like, but we can probably help you to reach it. If you are seeking your Career Sherpa please let us know – any of our consultants would be happy to discuss your plans and guide you on your way.

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