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In recent weeks we’ve shared lots of our thoughts on how firms can work hard to attract the biggest fish

It’s becoming an increasingly popular request, lots of accountants want the opportunity to be able to work from home, at

What makes a successful accountant? We meet plenty of accountants in our quest to source the very best talent in

How can you ensure that your accountancy firm is an attractive place to be for the next generation of leaders?

It’s Valentine’s week and everyone’s in the mood for love at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd! But, that doesn’t mean we’re

It’s a statement of fact that finding practice auditors, at every level, is like searching for needles in a haystack.

Is enough being done to tackle the issue of gender inequality in the accountancy industry? It’s certainly an industry that

Here’s our advice for how to make sure a rejection doesn’t dampen your confidence when it comes to job searching

With a record breaking start to 2022 here at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we have plenty of accountants busy getting

There’s no doubt that the accountancy recruitment sector is currently candidate driven. And though we wouldn’t go so far as

This week marks Parental Mental Health Day in the UK and at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we wanted to highlight

Prevention is always better than cure. And that age old adage definitely applies to accountancy practices when it comes to



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