How important is diverse and inclusive leadership in modern accountancy?

Modern accountancy needs to take place in a modern world battling modern problems.

We’ve spent a lot of time on our blog this year helping leaders understand the many benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.

So we know the benefits D&I brings to an accountancy firm.

But have we truly grasped the importance of diversity and inclusivity in accountancy in this particularly strange bubble of time?

Let’s consider why on a global scale, 2021 is a year unlike any other:

  • A pandemic has caused chaos to the health services and business in every single sector all around the globe.
  • The Black Lives Matter movement has triggered a necessity to challenge racism in all of its blatant and hidden forms.
  • Conflict and persecution continues to drive people from their homes in poorer nations.
  • Many of the citizens of the worlds’ leading nations are more politically divided than ever before.
  • Post ‘Me Too’ there can be no blind eyes when it comes to gender disadvantages in modern workforces.
  • The impacts and causes of climate change appear to be inequitable with those who make the biggest negative impact least affected by the damage.

In short we’re a globe divided and it’s for these reasons that bringing communities together at every level is in everyone’s interest. Not least accountancy leaders.

So how important is diverse and inclusive leadership in modern accountancy firms?

Read the room…. It’s imperative. 

But without delving into the minutae of what it needs to look like exactly, (we’ve done that plenty before)  here’s our really top level pointers on how to make it a part of every single conversation you have in every single part of your accountancy business.

  • Lead by example. Every leader should practice what they’re preaching and be making time to disuss D&I. Leaders need to be driving forward change and regularly checking in on its progress.
  • Consider all of the places where unconcious bias might be hiding in your organisation. HR processes are an obvious place to start your search (recruitment being one of them) but no stone of your firm should remain unturned. Even consider whether your marketing messages show any bias – are you looking to work with only certain types of clients without even realising it?
  • Make it more than just a tick box. Ensure your staff are offered training on it that is impactful, insightful and involves more than watching a video, completing a quick quiz and printing out a certificate. Your people are living in this modern world and are likely to be personally connected to the need for change that 2021 is bringing about. Don’t underestimate their thirst for knowledge and self development in D&I and make sure opportunities to talk openly and honestly about it and to learn are plentiful.

Though there’s a clear requirement for senior leaders to weave D&I into every element of their firm’s operations, culture and values, there’s usually most work to be done when it comes to recruitment. And in this sector we’re proud to be leading the way when it comes to experience and knowledge. Our vast network of accountants include representatives from all minority groups and we’re highly skilled in helping you ensure that future generations see a place for themselves in business winning firms of all sizes all over the UK.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we see the bigger picture and we’d be delighted to support you in making blue sky visions AND day to day decisions that will lead to a more diverse and inclusive place to work. Don’t hesitate to reach out for an informal chat today. 


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