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5 Diversity and Inclusion Resources for Accountants

Are improvements to your firm’s Diversity and Inclusion performance a must do for the remainder of 2021?

If you are responsible for HR in practice (of any size) you’ll be keen to access learning and inspiration to help you achieve these goals.

And, as we aim to act as not just your go to recruiters for accountants but also as your HR guardian angels, we’ve come up with a list of 5 brilliant resources you can tap into to get inspired to increase your firm’s Diversity and Inclusion offering.

Here’s our list of winning HR resources:

1.Stonewall – A guide to attracting, recruiting, supporting and developing diverse talent at your organisation.

Stonewall is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights charity in the United Kingdom and they’ve created a really user friendly downloadable guide to support private commercial entities to attract, recruit, nurture and develop diverse talent. A toolkit really, this guide breaks down how to be LGBTQ+ inclusive at every step of the employee’s journey with your practice.

2.The Memo by Minda Harts, What women of colour need to know to secure a seat at the table. 

This wonderful book is written from the perspective of women of colour trying to get ahead in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a brilliant read for hiring managers who may never have faced the same challenges in their own careers.

In fact we’d argue that taking the time to read a self help book for just the kinds of people you’re aiming to make life fairer for is a brilliant way to get a handle on what changes could really make a difference.

3.Inclusive Leadership by Charlotte Sweeny & Fleur Bothwick

Another book we’d definitely recommend. This one has been written by two ladies with years of experience of creating successful stategies around Diversity and Inclusion for a wide range of companies. What we love most about this book is that it takes you on a basic journey of step by step actions that together create true organisational change and a shift in culture. You’ll enjoy reading lots of specific examples of how leaders made their firms more diverse and inclusive and you’ll be inspired to do the very same.

4. The Diversity Gap Podcast by Bethaney Wilkinson

If you’re the ultimate multi-tasking leader then you’ll love the opportunity to listen to a podcast while you take the dog for a walk or complete some admin chores in the office.

We highly recommend this podcast available on all of the usual podcast streaming services. In their own words, ‘on The Diversity Gap podcast, we’ll be learning from thought leaders, authors, creatives and more about the diversity gaps in society and culture. Our goal is to discover promising practices for closing diversity gaps in our everyday lives and work!’

You’ll also love the fact that you’ll be learning about how you can narrow the gap of conscious and unconscious bias both at home and at work.

5. CIPD – Flexible working, teleworking and diversity. 

Finally we wholeheartedly recommend that hiring managers take the time to look at the full range of factsheets and resources on the CIPD website but this one makes particularly interesting reading when it comes to post pandemic diversity and inclusion.

The reports are presented in both scientific and evidential formats and will really support HR managers looking to consider the benefits of flexibility in the worplace to support those with additional requirements outside of work (i.e caring or family responsibilities, disability and/or medical investigations that require additional support etc.)

‘At Public Practice Receruitment Ltd we see, from a position of objectivity, the impact that a diverse and inclusive workplace culture has on a firm’s ability to attract and retain talent. And the first hand experiences that we’ve been privileged to gain through our work, point unequivocally to the fact that accountants want to work for fair employers. So it’s a total no brainer to make D&I one of your priorities this year and beyond. ‘

Garry Howling, MD

When you’ve had a chance to make use of some of these resources we’re fairly sure that you’ll have changes in mind that you’d like to make to your organisational culture and your workforce. And at that point we’re perfectly poised to help you put your plan into action and create a workplace where everyone is made to feel welcomed, valued and like they have the opportunity to influence positive change in all aspects of their roles.

When the time comes you’ll find us ready and waiting at or on 03335 777 787



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