Sober October

Reasons to get your accountancy teams involved with Sober October.

What is #SoberOctober all about? And how can you be a ‘sober hero’?

Sober October is a fundraising challenge for people living with cancer. You sign up for 14, 21 or 31 booze-free days, ask your friends and family to donate and all the money goes to Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Alcoholism and accountancy

Following a study of the Big Four accountancy firm PwC in 2019, new rules were introduced to curb the drinking of alcohol. And Lloyd’s of London also made a similar move after reports that a boozy culture was having a negative impact on staff.

But it was a report published by Accountancy Age in 2006 which highlighted the growing problem of alcohol abuse within the accountancy sector. Daytime drinking at business lunches was expected from partners. And the demands of the accountancy business and the nature of the work, meant that accountants are at a high risk of developing alcohol problems. 

High achieving accountants often place a lot of pressure on themselves and have a reliance on work for their self-esteem. With long working hours, it’s tempting to ‘take the edge off’ with a seemingly innocent tipple. And it’s even easier to do, and hide, when we’re working from home. According to the CIPD, 25% of employees are drinking more following the pandemic. The problems begin to happen when accountants are regularly self-medicating and don’t see it as a problem. Then, it’s hard to stop.

The worrying figures:

  • 17 million working days are lost each year due to alcohol
  • Which costs British industry £2.8bn
  • Absenteeism is up to three times higher for alcohol and drug users than other employees
  • Nearly six million people, two-thirds of whom are men, fall within the ‘binge drinker’ category

Will you be taking part in Sober October?

So, with some big names taking a stance on alcohol and providing a duty of care to their people, will you be doing the same?

Perhaps by getting your accountancy teams involved in Sober October 2021, you can show that you care about their mental health and wellbeing, and are working to provide a safe working environment which isn’t alcohol fuelled. 

There are also loads of other reasons to go sober this October:

  • Clear head
  • Boost of energy
  • A better night’s sleep
  • No hangovers!
  • More time on your hands
  • Clearer skin 
  • Lose weight
  • Feel good about setting yourself a challenge and achieving a goal

Did you know, according to the Office of National Statics, the average UK household spends £868 on alcohol each year?

So, here’s another little incentive especially for accountants – an alcohol unit calculator which shows how much money you could save! 

“After a tough year, you don’t need another challenge right?! But the needs of the UK workforce, and particularly accountants, are changing. So, as employers, we need to be mindful of this.

By working to develop a company culture and social events which are not alcohol based, you’ll retain and attract talent and boost employee wellbeing. Surely you’ll raise a glass…of water, to that?!”

Garry Howling, Managing Director, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd – The UK experts in Accountancy Recruitment  

Why not get your accountancy teams involved in Sober October by planning some alcohol-free social events, sharing the health benefits of being sober with your teams or sponsoring your staff when they become sober heroes? 

And if you’re looking to recruit during Sober October, let us help you. Contact Public Practice Recruitment Ltd today for an informal chat about your recruitment needs.

Should your team ever need help with managing the problems associated with alcohol, there is support available here.  


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