World Mental Health Day 2021

How to help yourself and support others to feel happy at work.

It’s possibly the most important World Mental Health Day in its history. Sunday 10th October will be a time for us all to consider how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our mental health, and how the fall out with hybrid working has since become a reality for most of us. 

But this is not a time for doom and gloom. Talking about mental health is hugely important, and such a positive thing to do. So, let’s celebrate World Mental Health Day and kick start a healthier way of working, being happier at work and help others do the same. 

Healthy digital habits

A Microsoft survey of 30,000 global workers showed that:

  • 41% of workers were considering quitting or changing professions this year
  • Many of which were are looking for a better work-life balance 
  • And 38% of people said that email fatigue is likely to lead them to quit their jobs 

Along with email fatigue, we may also be suffering from Zoom fatigue, remote isolation and the ‘always on’ culture. And while we all know that working from home has its plus points, unless we’re mindful – our mental health could suffer. How do we prevent that? 

Set boundaries

Think shorter online meetings, take a lunch hour away from your screen, turn off notifications, don’t check your work emails after clocking off and committing to tech-free times of the day. Start somewhere and promise yourself one of these new habits every week. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel and how your productivity will increase too.

Give back

A mental health double whammy! Helping out a colleague will not only make them feel happy and valued, but you’ll feel pretty good too. A 2013 study on altruism that showed that those who help their fellow employees were more committed, less likely to quit and much happier. Want some ideas?

Helping others

Grab someone a coffee, offer to help on a project, check in and ask how their day is going, go out of your way to smile and say hello, organise a team lunch, perform an act of kindness, listen and show empathy, offer praise and collaborate on a problem. It’s a good idea to be mindful of offering advice, and professional boundaries! But sharing that fuzzy feeling of doing good is going to do wonders for your mental health. Give it a go.

Shared values 

An article from the Gallup Organisation this week has revealed that 7 in 10 employees are suffering in their lives, and 80% are disengaged at work! It’s shocking to discover that lack of engagement costs the global economy trillions of pounds in lost productivity. And it’s rather depressing that we are that unhappy in our jobs.

Ask yourself this…does the firm you work for share your values? We talk a lot about the culture fit when searching for a new job. But what if your employer doesn’t fit your values? Could that be the reason you feel unhappy at work? It’s worth considering. Think about your own core values – take time to identify them, then question if they are aligned with the organisation you work for. 

Your core values could be

Honesty, service, peace, balance, family, risk, structure, tradition, humour, diversity or freedom. 

Reflect for a moment…do your chosen words best describe your employers ethos? If not, it might be time to find an employer who you do align with. 

Here are some more ideas to support your mental health…

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How to make healthy meal plans to increase your career success

We hope we’ve inspired you with a few simple ways to feel happier at work. Why not speak to your employer about ways they can support you and the rest of your team on #WorldMentalHealthDay.

If you feel that you’d be happier, and better suited with a different employer, our professional accountancy recruitment team can help. Call Public Practice Recruitment Ltd today on 03335 777 787 to discover how we can support your happiness at work.


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