Don’t let your recruitment drive go cold this winter

The run up to Christmas is typically when business initiatives slow down and sometimes completely pause until the new year. Recruitment is no different and we usually see a dip in activity from late November onwards, however, this time is a great opportunity to secure talented candidates whilst others are slowing their efforts!

In this article, we’re exploring why you should keep your talent pool warm this winter…

Are you planning ahead to the fast approaching deadlines in 2024? Don’t wait till January to realise you need extra hands to support clients with the self-assessment rush, or perhaps new starters need training ahead of the corporation tax return deadline.

Get things lined up before the end of the year so you’re entering 2024 with a strong team and a clear vision for your firm.

In fact, about half of accountants (53%) are reported to be considering leaving their current employer as we transition from 2023 to 2024. As the hiring landscape continues to shift, career-driven accountants are seeking fulfilling roles with competitive salaries and modern benefits – now’s the time to take advantage of this!

According to LinkedIn, these are the top five reasons to continue recruitment at the end of the year – and we agree!

  1. Beat the hiring boom: Whilst our minds are focused on buying presents and our sights are set on mince pies, it can be tempting to push work into the new year. It’s a future you problem, right? As work starts to wrap up, why not make the most of this time to get ahead of the hiring panic that comes in January ahead of the fast approaching accounting deadlines?


  1. Create a seamless onboarding process: The start of the year is recognised as one of the busiest times for most business sectors and as such, isn’t an ideal time to train new hires. Onboarding a new recruit ahead of Christmas offers them a calmer introduction to the company, clients, and processes. Perhaps your firm has a holiday party planned? This could give them the opportunity to meet and mingle with the team from the onset.


  1. Prioritise performance: A lack of training is often the attributed cause of poor job satisfaction, unsatisfactory performance, and even resignation. Bringing someone into the team during the busiest time of the year could mean little time is dedicated to their training. Easing them into the team and their duties when managers have more capacity to offer support and training will set them up ready to get stuck in when the silly season starts in the new year.


  1. Bank your budget: It’s typical for managers to be deep in planning and budgeting in January and your firm’s hiring kitty may take a hit in 2024 if you’re not actively investing in recruitment this year. It’s a use it or lose it approach, so make sure those in control of the purse strings understand the importance of strengthening the team with new talent.


  1. Tis the season for networking: The run up to Christmas brings with it a calendar of social events for the industry and for your firm. So why not take advantage to get chatting with industry peers and maybe even prospective recruits. Remember it’s a party though, so don’t put too much pressure on talking shop. Simply pay attention to who you meet – it’s all about who you know!


The end of the year is often a period of reflection, looking back on both the successes and the lessons of the previous 12 months. Managers will be reviewing team performance, identifying skills gaps, and setting goals for the next year. A strong team is the foundation of a thriving firm, so recruitment plays an essential role in driving a firm towards growth and stability.

Even as schedules ease up as the year rounds out, we understand that recruitment is a time consuming process and it can be challenging to get the right CVs in front of you. That’s where we come in. Let us scour the talent pool, sift through the CVs, and analyse the suitability for your firm. If we find a talented candidate who can add real value to your team, all you need to do is meet with them for a coffee. We do the rest. Finish the year with one less thing to worry about in January! Tell us about the kind of person your team needs… contact the team today.


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