How interim accountant jobs work

As demand for accountants and auditors rises, some seasoned accounting professionals are making a move to interim. 

Why? There are many reasons. From offering a broader range of work environments, projects, challenges to opportunities to being mentored by the best in the industry. 

The biggest pull to become an interim accountant? You are, in fact, your own boss — you pick and choose your contracts, the company, and set your own rate to a certain extent. 

How do I get an interim accountant job?

  • Interim accountant roles aren’t always advertised

In a similar way to a full-time, permanent accountancy role, the majority of roles will be advertised on job boards. However, at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we often know about interim roles before they are advertised and already have contractors we know might be suitable.

It’s for this reason that it’s best to work with an accountancy specific recruiter so that you can snap up the most lucrative and exciting contracts before anyone else. 

  • You’ll still need a CV

Despite not applying for a permanent role, you’ll still need to showcase your qualifications, skills, and recent responsibilities so you can be assessed against the role requirements.

You can post your CV to job sites, making it clear that you are looking for interim or temporary roles. It’s often more successful, as mentioned above, to also provide your CV to an accountancy specific recruitment agency. 

Interim accountants are often in demand — auditors even more so, so your contact will be welcome. You can upload your CV to Public Practice Recruitment Ltd in seconds here.

  • Interview and placement

Unlike temping at a low level, you’ll still need to go for an interview when it comes to interim accountancy roles; this is because of the high-calibre nature of accountancy roles.

You are being trusted with the finances of multiple clients and the reputation of the firm, so the practice will need to meet you before agreeing on a contract.

How do interim accountant contracts work?

As an interim worker, you’ll be paid by the hour or the day at an agreed rate. 

Unlike permanent roles, you are likely to be paid by the agency as opposed to the company where you are placed. You will either invoice the agency if you are a limited company, or you will be paid on a pay-as-you-earn basis by the agency and provided with a payslip.

You will generally have to complete a timesheet to show hours and days worked and submit this to the agency that provides your contract placement.

Your interim role will be a specific duration with a start and end date. Any deviation on this will be discussed with you prior to the end date. An extension to your contract isn’t unusual due to new projects, resource issues, a major audit, or a new client.

How to become an interim accountant

You can apply for interim roles if you have at least two years of experience within an accountancy firm. 

The role level you apply for will be based on your qualifications, experience, and previous role and responsibilities, as is the rate you can expect to be paid.

The best way to ensure you are considered for interim roles is to build your: 

  • Experience within top-level firms. 
  • Breadth of accountancy and audit experience.
  • Qualifications.
  • Size and type of clients worked with.
  • Soft skills, such as management and software experience.

In particular, auditors are in high demand, especially if they have RI status to sign audits off. Accountants are in demand in general, though, with seasoned interims or those with vast experience considered over others. 

As an interim accountant, you will need to be a fast learner, be self-motivated, and support a new team from day one.

Are you looking for an accountancy job?

If you’re looking for accountancy jobs, we’d encourage you to get in touch. 

We have a tremendous track record of introducing you (anonymously) to our long-term clients by highlighting your skills and attributes in line with each firm’s needs.

We will handle your job search for an accountancy role with the strictest confidence and sensitivity.

Call Public Practice Recruitment Ltd today for a confidential chat on 03335 777 787 or upload your CV here.



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