Does your job need to change in 2024?

At the time of publishing this blog post there is precisely 61 days, 18 hours and a handful of minutes until Christmas Day. So by our maths that’s 68 days until 2024.

But, please don’t panic! We’re not writing this blog with a view to telling you all to start your Christmas shopping – far from it! Instead we wanted to sound the alarm that if you want to start in a new role in UK public practice during the first few months of 2024, you need to start your search RIGHT NOW!

The beginning of the year is always a great time of year to get stuck into a new challenge.

As niche recruitment consultants we always find it frustrating how many new job hunters come out of the woodwork in January. But so often, these candidates have missed the boat on a huge number of exciting potential roles that come on the market in the Autumn and early Winter.

The problem is that candidates at this time of year are busy getting their heads down and working as hard as they can with a view to finishing the year in a good place. There’s lots going on socially and Christmas is on the horizon so we’re distracted. But fast forward to January, so – talented accountants emerge from their break, ready for a new challenge and a greater sense of fulfilment and instead of having a new role ready to step straight into, they are joining the hoards of other candidates who also left their job searches too late.

Couple this with the fact that the firms are also now well underway with business as usual after the summer. Now is the time that they are feeling the pinch and with deadline season looming, the best firms are recruiting now so that January sees them in a strong position to start the year.

In short, if you want 2024 to start with a professional bang, we need to help you get the ball rolling now.

So what does that timeline look like?

Our team of recruitment consultants will be able to offer you a registration call this week. If you’ve already registered us but things have changed since we last spoke, we’d always recommend booking in a refresher call so we can be certain our records are up to date.

In that call we’ll talk about your current role, what you like about it and what you don’t, your salary and benefits and what, if any, prospects await you. This will help us to benchmark where you are and compare it to our up to the minute market knowledge about all things jobs in public practice.

Armed with all the information we need alongside completed terms of business, we can reach out to our huge network of hiring managers right away and start to find firms that match your professional goals. It’s not uncommon for talented candidates to be offered interviews in days, certainly weeks, if you’ve impressed at first interview you’ll likely have a second days or a week after, a few days to offer stage, a few more to get negotiations and formalised offer tied up and hey presto you could be handing in your notice within a fortnight – sometime less!

Depending on the length of your current notice period this might mean that you’re ready to start in your well-deserved new role in January or certainly soon after. You might even have time to take some accrued annual leave or take a pause to enjoy Christmas and New Year meaning you start your new role feeling rejuvenated. It may sound too good to be true, but if you start right now, it really isn’t.

So what’s the next step to get you started on your journey to a new professional challenge in 2023?

So the quickest way is to send us an email with your CV attached and just let us know you’re all set to make a change and would like to get registered.  You can also upload your CV directly via our website and we’ll be in touch to arrange a call.

Finally you can apply directly for specific roles that we advertise on our jobs board. We cover all levels of public practice, all specialties and all corners of the UK so we should have a job on offer for all!

Here’s a couple of the recent standout vacancies:

Audit Manager job in London

Senior Accountant in Borehamwood

Corporate Tax Manager in Newark

Audit Senior in Leeds

So, in conclusion, we hope we’ve inspired you to step forward today and make 2024 the year that you enjoy the next step in your career. You’ve worked hard and deserve every success.



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