Could an interim accountant be the answer to your firm’s problems?

Being a hiring manager in an accountancy firm of any size is tough right now.

The market is candidate led and there’s a million, constantly evolving, other HR concerns that you need to be addressing to make sure that your firm is attracting the very best talent and retaining the brilliant accountants you already have.

Often the resource that leaders in accountancy want most is time!

But what if we could offer you the opportunity to press pause and get your house in order before you take the huge step of searching for big new members of your team that you hope will take your firm into the next level in accounting.

Well look no further. The opportunity to slow down time exists and it takes the form of a brilliant interim accountant that we can help you find.

Why do interim accountants buy you time?

Rushed hires are usually bad hires. Not only do they result in the wrong kinds of accountants being taken on on permanent contracts that can be difficult to end if things don’t work out, but they also don’t take into account a true understanding of the direction of travel for the firm and the organisational structure.

Strategic hires are usually great hires. You’ve taken the time to pause when a vacancy arises or your workload becomes greater than the employed accounting capacity you have. You’ve considered budgets and the direction of travel for the firm and you’ve looked at how you can employ efficiently and put yourself into the perfect space to be an attractive employer for talented accounting talent.

So investing a little bit more into a short term solution that keeps the wheels of your business turning will buy you time to make the right kind of hire.

And here’s some myths about interim hires that we’d like to bust.

1.Temporary work is unskilled work. WRONG!

Imagine the prospect of applying your incredible skills in accountancy for six months of the year and then travelling for the remaining six months. Sounds like the ultimate in work life balance doesn’t it? And there’s lots of extremely talented accountants out there who choose to work this way because of the benefits it brings to their personal lives. So write off accountants who are scouting out interim contracts as unskilled at your peril!

2. Interim accountants won’t make any effort to become part of your team. WRONG!

In a candidate led market accountants will be working on interim contracts because it suits their way of living, not because they have no other choice. So in the short space of time that an interim might be with your firm, more often than not, they’ll enjoy becoming part of your team and getting to know your organisational culture and brand values.

3. Interim accountants should be a last resort. WRONG!

Interim posts should be the first port of call every time there’s a need for organisational change that is reactive. So if you lose a member of staff unexpectedly, pick up the phone to us and secure an interim prior to making plans for longterm recruitment. If you suddenly take on a brilliant new client that means your workload explodes, take on an interim or two to give you time to truly understand what that new client needs from you and how you can best deliver that need in the long-term.

Realising that an interim member of staff or two might be just what your firm needs to propel it forward into the next stage of growth or change? Hopefully you’ve also realised that at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we’re highly skilled at matching the perfect short term accountancy job hunters with the perfect short term roles in practice.

Our MD, Garry Howling would be delighted to offer you advice about how and where interim contracts might create more time for you in your firm. UK wide, large or small, we’re here to help accountancy firms find smarter solutions to building great teams. Contact us today. 


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