Why firms should optimise their presence online and on social media to attract new talent, build their brand personality and enhance their reputation

Building a Strong Online Presence 

We live in a digital age, governed by a culture of online accessibility. Within just a few clicks, candidates can find information about employers, read Glassdoor reviews, and scour thousands of job ads in search of the perfect opportunity. While on-screen world we now live in holds many positives for public practice, it does mean that the recruitment market is more competitive, and candidates have more agency than ever.  

If you’re keen to attract the very best talent that the market has to offer, you need to present yourself as an appealing employer both off and online. Whether you’re a multi-office practice or a small, family-run firm, your online presence is essential to your business’s continued success.  

We’ve talked a lot about why candidates should keep their LinkedIn profiles polished and their social media platforms pristine when they’re looking for job opportunities with highly regarded firms. But today, we’re flipping the coin to place the same onus on firms.  

In this blog, we’ll be considering the different platforms that you can use to build a strong presence online, and our top tips on how to showcase your firm as a modern, professional and appealing place to work.  

Why Digital Visibility Matters 

The workforce within public practice takes many shapes. The community of accountants is diverse – with some professionals having worked in the sector for decades, way before social media was part-and-parcel of corporate culture.  

Whether you’re digitally native or not, finding a job is now a computerised task. The days of flicking through the newspaper or going to the local job centre are long behind us. The community of job-seeking accountants exists online, and the best way to reach them is to create a positive, professional user experience that inspires them to want to work with you.  

To attract the next generation of accountants, particularly the Gen Z workforce, employers need to understand the current hiring landscape and  what recruitment strategies firms must adopt to come out on top. Gen Z often researches potential employers online before even applying for a role, we encourage our candidates to do so, in fact, so a well-maintained online presence is essential to engaging a younger workforce. 

Not sure where your firm may be missing the mark in recruiting Gen Z? Adapt your recruitment strategy to retain top talent.  

Business Website  

When looking to optimise your online presence to attract talent, it’s helpful to think of your website as a shopfront and your candidates as bypassers.  

If you saw your website from the pavement, would you be impressed? Does your website look professional – like a shop with a fresh lick of paint and modern branding that entices people through the front door? Or does your website look old and uninhabited – like an abandoned property with cracked windows and a broken roof? 

Your landing page is the digital front door to your firm. It’s an invitation for candidates to explore your business, understand your company values and extract value out of your branding. Therefore, it’s essential that your website is maintained and updated regularly. If not, you could unknowingly be kicking top talent to the curb. 

Here are some questions to think about when reassessing your website’s functionality.  

  • Does our website showcase a strong, cohesive brand? 
  • Is the first visual impression a professional one, or is it a mess of clashing colours, fonts and layouts? 
  • Is the copy on our website up to date? 
  • Is it clear to candidates what our firm stands for? 
  • Does our website help our firm stand out from the crowd? 
  • Have we showcased our services clearly? 
  • Does the website’s functionality enhance the user journey or take away from it? 

If you can confidently answer “yes” to every bullet point listed above, then your website is doing exactly what it should be doing. But chances are there are improvements to be made. After all, nothing’s perfect. In an ever-changing market, a website needs consistent work. Perhaps it’s time to speak to your marketing team or reach out to expert website designers to start making improvements. 

Don’t let your website become stagnant – it’s a timeless asset that can hugely contribute to the growth of your firm.  


LinkedIn is the most popular professional platform in the world. And in the world of public practice, it’s the main tool for networking used between accountants at every level. So why not use it as an effective extension of your branding?  

Your firm should have a public page that echoes the same sentiment as your website by showcasing your values, services and achievements. Your profile will grant candidates an insider’s look into the running of your business and the team behind it. But most of all, it enables potential future employees to get a feel for what it might be like to work for you.  

If your marketing team isn’t already regularly using your company profile, now’s the time to start. Posting news, blogs, testimonials and general updates are all great ways to boost your LinkedIn presence and portray your firm as a warm, friendly and inviting place to work. 

You should also encourage your staff to keep their profiles up to date, connect their place of employment to your business page and take pride in sharing your company content. This will add an additional layer of value that candidates will certainly notice.  

Did you know that championing ethical principles can also help your firm find high calibre candidates? Explore how ethical accountancy can translate into business development.  

X, Facebook and Instagram  

X (Twitter), Facebook and Instagram are often overlooked by firms. However, when looking to attract top talent, it’s essential to consider what platforms you use on a personal level and how your firm can build a presence in every digital corner that top talent may reside in. 

Instagram, in particular, is a brilliant tool for firms looking to extend their outreach and form closer relationships with candidates. It’s an outlet that’s used in both a professional and personal sense. By posting regularly, you’ll be showing prospective employees that you’re digitally savvy, which will help build trust.  

Facebook is a good way to gain accessibility to small, niche communities. Why not join a Facebook group that’s been created specifically for accountants? This will help you gain exclusive industry insights all while establishing your firm’s online presence. 

Despite the controversy of Twitter’s rebranding, now known as X, it’s still a platform that holds a lot of permanence. It champions user-generated content and facilitates a space for open discussion, debate and exploration. Using X to share company updates and the latest news is an effective way to optimise your visibility.  

Is your recruitment strategy stuck in the void? Hone your hiring efforts to be more proactive and reactive by following our tried-and-tested tips. 

Newsletters, Podcasts and Industry Conferences 

If you can confidently say that your firm is doing all the above, it may be time to consider other avenues to really give your online presence a push. 

Regular newsletters packed with articles, videos and other value-adding content will really help position your firm as an industry leader. Candidates will appreciate the marketing efforts and feel a sense of alignment with your brand. 

And if your Directors or Partners are well-known in the industry, why not create content that portrays them as thought-leaders? If your leaders are talking on podcasts or conferences, share this with the online world. It will add further credibility to your firm and help you stand out from the crowd.  

‘When we work with a client on a retained basis to find them the very best staff, it’s always good to look at how attractive they are as an employer and what we can suggest to enhance their offering and catch a bigger pool of applicants. An online audit and overhaul is a great place to start and we’re always available to act as a critical friend if you think your digital presence could do with some fresh eyes.’ – Garry Howling, Managing Director of Public Practice Recruitment Ltd.  

As modern technology evolves and the digital landscape shifts, it’s never been more important for firms within public practice to make online marketing a priority. From utilising LinkedIn to network across the sector, to producing content that positively reflects your company culture, it’s essential that firms hone their marketing efforts to establish strong online visibility. 

Are you struggling to attract talent? Do you need advice on the best recruitment strategies? 

Here at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we’ve been partnering with firms across the UK to help them secure candidates that can add real value to their teams. Whether you have a list of vacancies or are considering a recruitment drive, our experienced team is here to make the process as seamless as possible. Get in touch with us today.  


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