Audit and Accounts Director Jobs

Audit & Accounts Director jobs typically encompass a split between audit and accounts work which is likely to be 50:50.

Audit & Accounts Directors are employed by accountancy firms to oversee the firms audit and accounts offering to an array of clients which could include large corporate groups, SMEs, charities, academies, solicitors and the wider not for profit sector.

In some cases, the Audit & Accounts Director may report into an Audit & Accounts Director however in most cases there will be an audit and accounts team reporting in the Audit & Accounts Director.  This team is likely to include an Audit & Accounts Manager; Audit & Accounts Senior, Audit & Accounts Semi-Senior and an Audit & Accounts Junior.  Depending upon the work to be undertaken will determine the size of the audit and accounts team required.

Audit and Accounts planning is an important function of the Audit & Accounts Directors work as sufficient staff resource must be in place to ensure each job is completed on time and in the budget.

Some accountancy firms bring in interim audit & accounts staff if they believe they may not have enough audit & accounts staff to undertake a piece of work.

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