Magnifying glass, paper and pen next to a job search guide for accountants

Your New Year Job Search Guide

Is 2021 The Year You Score a New Job in Accountancy

If a new job was top of your resolution list for 2021 and certain factors have put you off track, please take five minutes to read our guide.

Whether you want to move up the ladder, find a more meaningful position, develop your speciality or look for an employer who values and rewards you – we want to help.

Let’s begin with your CV. It needs a refresh. Print it off, grab a red pen and prepare to be ruthless. Proof it for typos and errors, cross out any jargon and put a big line through any generic phrases. Next, add all of your transferable skills and ensure everything reads as STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result). Once you’re happy with your revamped CV, ask a trusted colleague to read through it and feedback to you.

Next up, it’s time to give your social media a spring clean. LinkedIn should be your first stop. You need a killer headline, an engaging intro, up to date info, a great photo, links to projects, and loads of connections and recommendations. Then engage, share, network and ask questions. Commit to a couple of hours at least, and then spend an hour or two a week on this platform. What might seem like a chore to begin with will pay back ten-fold. 

When it comes to applications, less is more. Be picky and be personal. Apply for jobs that light you up, and tailor each application. Craft an application which is utterly unmissable – starting with your cover letter. Keep the employer’s top requirements at the forefront of your mind and list the evidence which proves you meet them all. Offer numbers and stats – that’s something nobody can argue with. And avoid overused and generic phrases at all costs. Keep it short but always add a touch of personality. 

Now for the interview. We like to call it the 7 Ps. Prepare, Practice, Patience, Professional, Positive, Project and Post interview. You can read more about nailing an interview using the 7 Ps here. 

Now, this is really important. You’ve got to keep your spirits and your energy high. Landing the dream job isn’t always easy. We’d recommend carving out a certain amount of time every day on your job search. Create a spreadsheet of your activity to keep you engaged and organised. Celebrate any wins – some positive feedback on an application, a great connection on LinkedIn and a competent interview. And most of all, have fun. Yes…enjoy the journey. This will shine through to the people who matter. Nothing is more off putting than pure desperation. You’ll get there. It may take time, but with a little patience and a lot of perseverance you’ll land that dream job of yours. So, take care of yourself and your mental health while searching. 

If you’d like further help, advice and support – please speak to Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. We’re experts in matching talented finance professionals with accountancy jobs all over the UK.

Are you a VAT Director in Cambridge or a Tax Partner in Manchester? An aspiring Client Manager in Kettering or an Audit Manager in Wisbech? 

At Public Practice Recruitment we work with most Top 100 accountancy firms helping them find talented professionals like you in Corporate Finance, Payroll, Forensic Accounting, Employment Tax and Agricultural Accounting. 

You can speak to us in confidence by calling 03335 777 787 today. 


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