Your Inclusive Recruitment Strategy – Key Tips For Maintaining Diversity In Your Practice

Some months ago, we devoted a blog to the importance of fostering diversity in the workplace. ‘Diversity’ is all about differences or the workplace ‘mix’. ‘Inclusion’ focuses on what we actually do to achieve that diversity. It’s a process. For this process to work, you need to develop and maintain an inclusivity strategy, the cornerstone of which will be your approach to recruitment.

There’s no inclusivity strategy that’s ‘one-size-fits-all’. Your Practice is unique, so your strategy should be unique too.

Here are 9 ways to develop your inclusive recruitment strategy. The main aim is to ensure that your recruitment processes are as fair to all parties as they possibly can be.

  1. Define clearly the methods and channels you use for attracting candidates and for assessing and selecting them. attraction, selection and assessment. This is, of course, where Public Practice Recruitment comes in. Our skill and experience can be key to ensuring you attract talent from the widest possible pool.
  2. Review your job role descriptions regularly. Make sure they accurately reflect the requirements of the position. Focus on skills and competencies – not specific tasks.
  3. When you advertise vacancies think carefully about the words you use. If you’re working with us, do consult on your choice of words. This is a speciality of ours. For example, be wary of using phrases such as ‘high-energy’. This could imply that candidates need to be able-bodied and young. Furthermore, words such as ‘driven’ can have excessively masculine connotations.
  4. Just as important is to think about the images that you use when advertising job vacancies. By using images that portray the diversity of your team, you will encourage candidates from a range of backgrounds to apply.
  5. When it comes to interviewing, don’t just leave it to the line manager. They might have limited or narrow interview training, resulting in poor interview techniques, biases and shortcuts. Try to make sure that anyone involved in making selection decisions is fully trained in effective recruitment practice.
  6. Your interview panel should be balanced – perhaps including representation from across minority groups.
  7. Don’t be tempted to carry out excessively relaxed, unstructured interviews. These might make candidates comfortable. However, this style of interview can easily result in poor interview habits creeping in. Much better to keep to a firm, carefully planned interview structure, founded on a competency-based framework.
  8. Use a clear scoring and grading system throughout the selection process. This enables the candidate assessments to be comparable, reducing any potential for unconscious bias
  9. Remember – candidates will research your Practice.   They’ll check out your website, marketing materials and literature. If you have more than 250 employees, your candidates may well look for your gender pay information, which is now easily accessible, both on the government portal and should be displayed on your Practice website.   You’re more likely to attract diverse candidates if your practice acknowledges any such gap and sets out a plan, defining how you’re addressing the issue.

Having inclusive talent and resources available within your Practice is critical. Creating a strategy is vital. Make sure you get it right. Otherwise, you could end up with an unhappy workforce and a damaged brand. At worst, this shortcoming could be damaging to your Practice in the event of an employment tribunal.

Do it right and you’ll enhance your brand and your reputation. You’ll have employees within with a richness of skill, talent and expertise. Employee engagement will increase, productivity within your Organisation will improve and business performance will grow.

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