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Your Emotional Wellbeing During Lockdown

Lockdown Emotional Wellbeing for Accountants

We recently wrote an article on how to stay sane during isolation – with practical advice and tips on managing your mindset.

As accountants, most of you are used to working in solitude and often work remotely. But what about those of you who are really struggling with our mental health during lockdown?

Here’s some advice to help …

Feel rather than think – In the morning when you wake, before you grab your phone or switch on the news, spend some time grounding yourself. You could try a guided meditation, or very simply lie for a few moments in silence and speak to yourself with kindness – reassure yourself as you would a child or friend. Allow yourself to feel any anxiety – but soothe yourself with gentle words.

Avoid the news – It’s so easy to disrupt your day and your positive mindset, by allowing yourself to be consumed by news. Flipping between websites and articles and compulsively scrolling your newsfeed. Set a healthy boundary. It’s good to be informed but limit your consumption – perhaps to certain times of the day, and for a set period. Turn off your notifications. Put your phone in another room if that helps. But don’t allow yourself to be sucked in and spiral downwards.

Set small goals – If you start your day with an unrealistic to-do list, you’re only going to beat yourself up about not accomplishing these things. Forget what other people are doing – decluttering the house, learning a new language and exercising every hour of the day. It makes us tired just thinking about it! Don’t compare. Stay in your lane. Even if you spend half an hour each day on a tiny project, it’s going to make you feel good. And don’t forget to reward yourself for your trouble. Declutter the kitchen then treat yourself to a nice, cool drink in the garden. Write that email you’ve been dreading and then give yourself an hour with your favourite book or TV show.

Give yourself permission to rest – During this shocking and strange time in our lives, our bodies will be reacting to fear and anxiety and this can make you feel exhausted. So, surrender to it and let your body heal. Don’t push yourself. If a day on the sofa with your favourite movies means that tomorrow you feel fresh and positive, then your future self will be giving you a big high five. And if you’re unwell, this is even more important. The NHS are instructing you to rest and sleep if you are treating possible coronavirus symptoms.

Ask for help

There are plenty of places you can go for help and support if you are struggling. Here are just a few:

Mind provides information about what mental health crisis services are available

Samaritans if you want to talk to someone in confidence, they are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The National Domestic Abuse Helpline for victims or anyone who is worried about a loved one

Carers UK if you are worried about someone you look after

CALM the Campaign Against Living Miserably and a leading movement against suicide

If you need urgent support, it’s important to reach out immediately. You are not alone.

We’re not experts in mental health, but we care about our clients and our candidates. And if this guide helps just one person then we’re happy we invested the time in writing it.

Please stay safe and well and look after yourself and your loved ones. We’re in this together.

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