Your 101 Guide to Relocating for Your Dream Job

Thinking of Relocating for a Job in Accountancy?

So, you’ve bagged your dream job – which just so happens to be…somewhere else. Where do you begin with moving your whole life to a new part of the country? Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and read this. We’ve got you covered.

First of all, congrats! You got the job. But did you negotiate a relocation package? If you didn’t, that’s ok. Perhaps it’s not a huge move or you didn’t feel comfortable asking. But if you just plain forgot, it’s still worth thinking about. No harm in asking. 

Get it agreed. Just as an employment contract is vital, so too is a relocation agreement. This should clearly state who is responsible for what – protecting both employer and employee. 

Next up, budget. Number, figures, totally your thing! Moving costs can escalate quickly so set a budget and stick to it. It will also help if you do decide to ask for financial assistance from your new employer. Packing, boxes, moving company, van rental – they don’t come cheap. Get a few quotes for professional moving companies and check their insurance. Make a list of everything. Sorry, you’re an accountant. Make a spreadsheet!

Your to do list. It should include everybody you need to inform of your new address, utility bills, bank, postal subscriptions, TV licence, internet. Which? have created a handy moving house checklist which you can download. Also, on your list should be a list of names – family and friends who can help out on the day. Even with professional movers, relocating can be stressful and emotional. Having a friendly face and an extra pair of hands will make the move easier and more fun. 

Before you pack…have a clear out. Now is the time to recycle, share, donate anything you don’t really need. Think how organised and light you’ll feel at the other end. 

Your new owner – Whether you’ve sold up or you have a landlord’s inspection, leave your property, and your conscience, squeaky clean. Label keys, leave a ‘briefing sheet’ and a forwarding address. 

Your tribe. You’re going to need a network of friends and colleagues. Even if you’re a seasoned pro moving with a grown-up family – having a community and a few good contacts will make you feel more at home. Join a running club, grab a coffee with new colleagues and check out the local area beforehand. You can do this virtually too of course. 

“By investing the time beforehand to ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, you’ll ensure you’ll hit the ground running in your new role on the Monday morning. Why not give yourselves a couple of days free, after unpacking, to enjoy your new surroundings. We wish you the best of luck and all the happiness in the world in your new role.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Limited

If you’ve not found your dream job yet, but are up for relocating – take a look at this position in beautiful Bristol. And yes, relocation packages considered! 

Apply today! 


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