World Mental Health Day – Start With One Thing

Saturday 10th October marks World Mental Health day.

And boy…is it a priority this year or what?!

We’re totally on board with what the charity Mind are promoting this year – which is to start with one thing. One thing you can do for better metal health. 

Here’s 10 simple ways to stay well at work:

  1. Move – Studies show that regular physical activity lowers rates of depression and anxiety – so why not take a stroll to work? Or if home is your workplace set a timer to take a quick lap around the block every couple of hours.
  2. Relax and focus – If you’re trying to complete a task – at home or in the office, pop on some headphones with some relaxing music to block out any noise and distractions. 
  3. Notice – If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, accept that feeling and make a positive choice to move away from your desk, talk to a colleague or journal your thoughts. 
  4. Ask for help – Speak to your manager, supervisor or colleague if you feel you’d benefit from some extra support at work – it’s a brave and important step.  
  5. Connect – Particularly if you’re working from home – make a call, a Zoom or find a co working space so you have some human contact.  
  6. Have a lunch break – Not a sandwich at your computer…a lunch BREAK! Move, drink some water, take a walk outside, sit with a friend. 
  7. Food and drink – Make sure you treat yourself to something nourishing for lunch, with some regular healthy snacks to feed your brain and loads of water to keep you hydrated. 
  8. Organise a group work time activity – a walk, a socially distanced team activity outside, book club, gardening, meditation…you’ll be amazed how energised you’ll feel for an afternoon of work.
  9. Leave on time – we know – you’re an accountant, but make overtime the exception and not the rule. 
  10. Wind down after work – forget the traffic jams – walk home instead and listen to your favourite book, music or podcast. 

A hub of resources 

With 1 in 4 of us suffering with a mental health problem, we’d like to support World Mental Health Day by sharing just a few of our own resources. Take a look…

Get your mojo back

Your emotional wellbeing 

The secret to a happy career

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The work life balance 

Helping others

It’s important to recognise the signs of mental health illness at work – in ourselves and others. Look out for your colleagues. Are they having more time off than usual, displaying mood swings or withdrawing from conversation and activities?

We all have times when life gets too much – and sometimes that can be work-related. By talking and making some simple changes, you can help prevent becoming overwhelmed. 

To begin with, choose one area that you feel you could work on. Set yourself some goals. And be kind to yourself. 

If you’re an employer, read this useful document from the Mental Health Foundation on supporting mental health at work. 

Let’s all stand up together and refuse to be ashamed of our mental health illness. Make one positive change to help ourselves at work and support others with mental health illness – so they don’t have to face it alone. 

Please join us on LinkedIn to share your stories about World Mental Health Day. 


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