World Kindness Day?

We got to thinking….. is kind leadership in accountancy something that employees might take advantage of?

And then we got to concluding. Of course not. Kindness is one of the most important values in modern practice and leaders who practice kindness will reap plenty of rewards.

Here’s eight reasons why a kind leader in accountancy is a successful leader in accountancy.

1. Kind leaders won’t need to take all the credit.

The emotional intelligence required to practice kindness in practice will mean that leaders who are kind will be leaders who recognise brilliance, hard work and innovation and will have no problems giving credit where credit is due. So accountants who work for a kind leader will be inspired to come up with great ideas, incentivised (more than just financially) to work hard and know that the achievements that they help create won’t be claimed by their boss.

2. Kind leaders will be open to helping their staff and in turn their staff will be open to helping them! 

If you’re a leader that finds your team adopt a ‘it’s not in my job description’ type mentality, consider whether that’s because the support they receive from above is similarly ring fenced. When staff ask for the help of their leaders are they met with more questions than answers or do they receive the support they are seeking alongside suggestions about how to solve their situations. It’s important that leaders don’t do the work of their staff for them, but by adopting a ‘how can I help style of leadership’ you’ll be likely to receive a ‘how can I help’ style of workforce.

3. Leaders in accountancy should never shy away from necessary conflict. But bad news can be delivered more effectlively if it’s delivered kindly.

We’ve all worked for a narcissistic boss who seems to gain pleasure from making others feel sad. Don’t be that person. A true leader has difficult conversations where they need to be had but a kind, true leader will challenge poor attititude or performance with a kind and fair approach.

4. Health and happiness are intrinsically linked.

And a well workforce is a productive one. So ensure that your staff are treated with kindness and are consequently happy and you’ll get more out of them – it’s a very simple equation!

5. Kindness is catching.

And we could all do with a contagion that everyone wants to catch! These last few years have been, and continue to be, really tough. Your employees are likely to be managing all kinds of new stresses and anxieties that they didn’t have to cope with before and that will have taken its toll. So adopting a practice policy to sneeze kindness all over one another could be the start of the right kind of global pandemic. No vaccines required!

6. It’s all about RESPECT.

And as a leader, the fastest way to lose the respect of your workforce is by being unkind. When employees see their leaders working hard to protect their interests and putting the needs of the whole above the needs of themselves, there will be respect within your business. So kindness is the trait that fosters respect, so allow it to be the prevailing theme in your firm.

7. As a leader, your career will flourish if you’re known to be kind.

‘Are you sure?’ – we hear you ask? Absolutely! The simple reason is that kind leaders develop higher status professionally and personally. There’s even a study on it that proves it to be true – nice guys finish first!

8. Life is short – noone wants to spend it with d*%ks! 

We’ve all had plenty of reasons just lately to be reminded that life is fragile and wherever possible, every moment should be savoured. Ultimately if your workforce finds you an unpleasant leader to work beneath, they will leave your firm for kinder pastures. And in a competitive market where opportunities outweight candidates by some margin, they won’t have to search far! So be the leader that everyone wants to work for. Use interviews as an opportunity, not just to see all the great things a candidate can offer you, but to show them the great, kind style that you’re proud to lead with. We promise you’ll find the best accountants if you do.

And remember that in the same way that brilliant accountants only want to work with kind leaders, brilliant leaders should make efforts to work with kind accountants too! If you want to find staff whose values match your firms we’ve got plenty of resources on the site to help you find them. And, of course we’re always here to offer tailor made advice too, just drop us an email to and we’ll set up a call.

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