Working in the accountancy field

Working in the accountancy field is a rewarding career, and we believe that finding the best role to suit your salary expectations, culture and values is essential for your happiness.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we often come across the same questions, so we have put together a brief overview of those topics and will expand on them in individual blogs.

Are you valued?

Does your employer have an Employer Value Proposition (EVP)? If not, then you may be feeling undervalued.

Often, as an employee, your skills, experience and hard work can sometimes be taken for granted; and whether done by accident or intentionally, it can make the sound of your weekday alarm clock difficult to bear.

What is an EVP?

The CIPD defines employer branding as “…a set of attributes and qualities, often intangible, that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular kind of employment experience, and appeals to those people who will thrive and perform best in its culture.”

How to create a fantastic first impression

  1. At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we recommend that our candidates turn up to interviews ten minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin. It’s also good to have a trial run, so you know where you’re going and check traffic and train reports too.
  2. Wear professional attire as opposed to solely fashionable and certainly not revealing. We advise neutral, too much of anything can be a bad thing.
  3. Be positive and greet everyone you meet with respect and a smile. What the receptionist thinks can filter through to your interviewer. Use the time to peruse any sales material provided.
  4. When you’re offered a drink, request water as opposed to tea or coffee. Caffeine can often increase the heart rate, which doesn’t help if you’re nervous. Water also helps a dry throat.
  5. Relax and consider your response before you answer.
  6. Engage the interviewer by looking directly at them; always sit up straight.

Stress levels

Handling stress in the workplace is a challenge, and even though there are some stress-busting techniques, sometimes it is time for a change in role.

This may seem extreme, but often roles evolve to more than you can give, and where employers do not listen to your business case for change – it is time to look elsewhere.

Don’t fall into the trap of walking into a similar business, with a similar role and similar problems. Before you start looking for a job, it pays to discuss what you like and dislike with a Public Practice Recruitment Ltd professional, so they can help you to find the best role for you.

Salaries and top jobs

Salaries in accountancy practice vary quite a lot. AAT recently produced a salary survey that shows the variation in salaries across the UK. You can click here for the full report. offer a brilliant tool for showing you the usual career paths that people in the accountancy field take when progressing up the career ladder. Click here to view it in action.

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd is an established and experienced business that specialises in finding the most suitable candidates within the accountancy field. For more information, you can visit our website, call us on 0333 5777 787 or email


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