Why you’ll work with the best recruiter time and time again!

If you’re an accountant, having a great relationship with a recruiter should be like having a trusted rapport with a financial advisor, or a medical consultant.

You wouldn’t trust the health of your mind, body or finances with any old person you find on the street, and your career should be treated no differently!

And when you develop a relationship with someone who you are trusting with something as important as your career or your medical condition or your investments, you want to rely on them to be proactive when it comes to alerting you to changes in best practice or opportunities to make things better for you in their field of expertise.

And that’s where we are proud to really stand out from the crowd.

When you register as an accountant with Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, you’ll find your career will be safely nurtured from start to finish by our massive library of resources designed very speficially for the niche sector of accountants.

Dive head first into our Candidates Hub and you’ll find (amongst much, much more)…

A jobs page, filled to bursting with opportunities at every level in accountancy and all over the UK. We’re also filling lots of remote working posts so the country really is your oyster!

See something that looks perfect for you? You can upload your CV directly online at any time of the day or night and you can rest easy knowing that it will be handled in absolute confidence by our team of discreet and trusted professionals. We’ll never share the fact you worked with us with anyone.

But our Candidate Hub is more than just a place to scour for a new job right now. It’s a place where you can be supported to get strategic when it comes to your career in accountancy. We can help you create your five year career plan, we can help you consider what really matters to you when it comes to finding your ideal employer and we can help you really boost your CV so that when you approach those next steps in your CV you are perfectly placed for shortlisting.

And it really doesn’t matter what stage your accounting career is at, we’re proud to have created resources for accountants at all levels. So whether it’s a Junior Accountant job you’re keen to find or you’ve set your sights on Partner we can help you create a winning application and make a success of your interview(s).

But you should also be able to trust your recruiter to support you when life isn’t progressing in the direction you’d like it to. And at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’ve created support resources for accountants struggling with their mental health or mindset and we work hard to champion wellbeing and the importance of a robust employee value proposition with the recruiting firms that we work with.

We also appreciate that sometimes life changes. And sometimes we need to consider a different way of working for our valued candidates in order to help them focus on a different set of priorities, be that temporarily or permanently. And in these instances we are always ready to step in with some incredible interim accountancy opportunities or perhaps to help our candidates explore a need for a more flexible way of working or support to relocate for a fresh start.

“For my team and I, our focus is always on creating much more than just a one off match between an employer and a candidate. We’re always looking to support your career right through to its pinnacle – whatever that might look like for you. And our considerable experience of working with just the accountancy sector means that we’re perfectly placed to instantly know the right firms who will share your values.”

Garry Howling, MD

And that’s why you can rest assured that we’ll keep in touch beyond the offer of a job. Because we’re committed to you and your career and we’re proud to be the recruiters that you can trust to work with time and time again.

If you’re ready to start your journey to find your personalised version of career success, reach out today for that totally confidential initial call and we’ll start exploring first steps in your path to a perfect career as an accountant.




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