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Why TRUST is the most important aspect of the recruitment relationship

Choosing a recruiter to support you with your search for talented accountants is a big decision.

And it’s one that, where possible, hiring managers should spend some time researching and consider all of their options. But, we know that in many instances the decision to outsource or indeed to recruit could be time critical. And if that is the case there’s one key aspect of the recruitment relationship you should focus on. Find a recruiter you know you can trust and everything else will fall into place.

Why is trust so important in the recruitment relationship?

Well, maintaining the effectiveness of your people, the teams that keep your business ticking, should be your absolute priority. It can take the smallest mistake or action to knock the progress you’ve worked so hard to achieve just slightly off kilter and you need to work with a recruiter who you can trust with the continued success of your business.

It’s also you that knows your business best and though a great recruiter will offer you constructive challenge when it comes to important issues such as diversity, employee value benefits and succession planning, you should be able to trust them to hear your final word on issues such as job adverts, interviews, offers and appointments. You are in charge of the direction of travel and a trusted recruiter will present you with exactly the recruitment outcomes that you want to see.

Confidentiality is also a given. The relationship a firm has with their recruiter should be protected by a bubble of trust. Hiring managers need to be able to speak freely about their concerns and ambitions when it comes to their organisation.

Why can you trust Public Practice Recruitment Ltd?

Ultimately trust is the foundation upon which we have built our business and it’s something we are proud to hold at the forefront of all we do. Our core values all refer back to that key issue of TRUST.

  • We inspire through our market knowledge. You can trust us to be the most knowledgable in our industry.
  • You can trust us to exceed your expectations and be accountable for our actions.
  • You can trust us to work collaboratively with you and treat everyone we work with in the process as we would expect to be treated.
  • You can trust us to be quick to act and to meet your expectations ahead of time, every time.

To work with a recruiter you know you can trust, reach out for a call today. Whether you’re looking for organisational structure and high level advice and support rolling out a long term recruitment strategy or you have short term gaps that you need to fill with interim accountancy staff, trust the experts. We’re here to help.



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