Why the Accountancy Industry Needs New Ideas

If you’re hiring accountants you should be seeking creativity

New ideas and creative thinkers have never been a more important recipe for a winning team. And business owners within the accountancy industry need a recruitment strategy in place to secure talent…before their competitors beat them to it.

Why creative thinkers are so important

Finance and creativity aren’t usually thought of as going hand in hand. We’re thought of as left-brain thinkers, practical, methodical and orderly. But recent cultural changes within the workplace mean that having a creative team onboard is vital for success in 2020 and beyond. Our profession NEEDS a shake up!

This year has taught us that we need to be dynamic, adaptable and inventive – in all areas of business. The way we’ve worked for so many years was tipped on its head and processes changed by the week. It’s meant we’ve had to think on our feet and take radical action or face the consequences. If you’ve struggled, you’re not alone. And if the new ways in which we all need to work seems a daunting prospect – remote working, compliance, business growth…then read on.

What we mean by ‘creative’

This is a word that could feel unsettling for some business owners – disruptors, challengers and rule breakers! But these are the people you need to help your business survive. They fuel ideas, solve problems, open the door to new opportunities and set your business apart from your competitors. And the great news is they inspire. So, your existing staff, who may not think of themselves as creative, are stretched and stimulated. 

However, creativity needs to be appropriately applied. Knowing when and where is important. Throwing creative people into the mix can feel disconcerting to your existing team. That’s where communication, trust and team effort must come into play. Staff who don’t understand the goals and the benefits may resist change, which would be counterproductive.

 Where to find them creative accountants?

Here’s the tricky part! If you’re more of a ‘traditional’ recruiter, you’ll need to change your mindset a little. These are the five secrets to hunting down and winning over creative employees:

1. Get your advertising spot on with an attention-grabbing ‘campaign’ – but be careful not to do a ‘Dominic Cummings’! 

2. Be present on social mediabe authentic, engage and be human

3. Ask the right questions – here are 5 questions you need to be asking

4. Have a diverse recruitment strategy – and ensure your business values live up to it  

5. Ask a specialised recruiter to support you – Public Practice Recruitment Ltd only work with accountancy firms

How to keep them!

It’s all very well talking the talk, but you need to walk the walk once you have your new ‘shaker upper’ on board. They won’t stick around long if you’re closed to their ideas. Which is why your campaign to find them should be authentic. Creative thinkers need a work environment which is engaging, nurturing and receptive. And as a business owner you need to learn to embrace the fear of failure and to enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone. 

If you would like to partner with a professional recruitment company to help with your recruitment strategy in 2020, please get in touch today.

We know how candidates think – how their minds work. When it comes to all aspects of the accountant recruitment process, we’re the experts – always here to help.

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