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Why Sleep Really Matters to Accountants

Regular Sleep, Healthy Future

That’s the slogan for the 14th annual World Sleep Day that falls this week on Friday the 19th March. And at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, healthy futures are definitely our business and we thought accountants out there might like to know why sleep is particularly important for them and what they can do to get enough of it.

Here’s 5 reasons why sleep really matters to accountants

The World Sleep Society has pulled together the world’s very best sleep research and highlighted some important facts that we think matter hugely to accountants, particularly accountants who are senior leaders or who are looking to advance their career in the sector.

  1. The three key factors that impact the quality of your sleep are the depth of sleep you reach, the duration of your sleep and the continuity of that sleep. Accountants generally understand formulae and the consequences of not getting this one right even for just one night, are a decreased attention span, poor memory recall and decreased learning ability – all key skills for great accountants! And if that’s the impact from just one poor night of sleep, imagine what damage prolonged poor sleep can cause!
  2. 46% of individuals studied who suffered frequent sleep disturbances reported missing work or making errors at work. In our field these are not mistakes that we can afford to make! Accountants hunting for the very best jobs will want to be sure that their track record for attendance and success at work are in tip tip condition if they want to land the very best opportunities like this Audit Partner in London job!
  3. After multiple nights of poor sleep, study participants showed a marked reduction in their sustained attention, speed of processing and working memory. Again an accountant’s worst nightmare and very good reasons why those looking to be at the top of their professional game should be prioritising their sleep routine.
  4. Great health and long and fruitful careers in accountancy are intrinsically linked and we should all be prioritising our physical and mental health for our own wellbeing, but also to aid our productivity and success at work. Routine sleep without interruption is clearly linked to a reduced rate of Diabetes and Obesity, high blood pressure and other chronic illness.
  5. This one might seem silly but the Sleep Society are certain that individuals getting more sleep are perceived to appear more attractive, youthful and ALERT! We’re big advocates of multi generational workforces and would never suggest our clients prioritise attractiveness or youth, but an alert accountant is certainly the kind great firms need and want.

So if you’re an accountant not getting enough sleep how can you improve your situation?

There’s plenty you can do to start to enjoy a great night’s sleep. The first step is deciding that as a busy accountant, sleeping well is a big part of ensuring your happiness and success at work and at home. Here’s a few techniques to help you tackle common sleep problems:

  • Keep it regular. Try and aim for the same bedtime and awake time give or take half an hour, all through the week, just until things get back on track. Routine matters.
  • Cut down on caffeine at least six hours before bedtime, ideally sooner.
  • If you’re a smoker there are loads of reasons to consider giving up. One of them is that it won’t be helping your quality of sleep, especially if you smoke before bedtime.
  • Avoid alcohol and heavy meals before sleep. If you drink a lot take a look at our article on how excessive alcohol can impact your job prospects as well as your sleep.
  • Get some exercise and fresh air each day. Try a long walk at the weekend just once and see how this helps your sleep – you’ll be amazed.
  • At least one hour before you go to bed reduce noise, light, screen time and excessive hot and cold temperatures where you sleep.

Once you’ve found yourself a decent sleep pattern we’re sure you’ll feel invigorated and likely ready to take on your next professional challenge!

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