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Why Interim Accountancy Could Be Your Perfect Next Step

Interim accountancy posts and temporary contracts are readily available to talented accountants.

But this week we’re helping those of you pondering your next professional step to understand why an interim post is worth your time and consideration.

Why do accountancy firms need interim staff?

There’s lots of reasons why great firms recruit accountants on short term contracts. Obviously the last eighteen months has led to a period of uncertainty across all sectors ,but as the nation recovers from COVID it’s only natural that some employers are cautious and want to dip their toe in the water when it comes to offering new services or increasing the size of their teams. Interim employees offer firms some safety and the opportunity to try before they commit to the huge responsibility of permanent hires.

It’s also really common for firms to hire interims to manage a new or more diverse workload. Projects such as mergers, acquisitions or new system integrations are usually short term but require an advanced level of expertise. If you have niche skills as an accountant you’re likely to be snapped up very quickly by firms providing these sorts of services to new or existing clients.

And then of course there are the firms who are just in a bit of a pickle. They may have lost an integral staff member due to unforeseen circumstances or perhaps their workload has exploded and they just need a great accountant who can hit the ground running while they find their feet again. These firms need you and will negotiate a great deal for your help.

Why might you consider applying for an interim accountancy role?

Well let’s start with the most attractive incentive. The financial reward. 

Accountancy firms know that, if they want to attract the very best talent in the market but don’t intend to offer all of the perks of a permanent contract of employment, they need to offer a significant hourly rate. So an interim accountancy post is a brilliant way of earning a lot of money in a short space of time.

And then there’s the flexibility and freedom that a short term post can offer you.

Perhaps lockdown has taken its toll and you’re feeling like a caged animal, desperate to adventure around the globe as soon as restrictions allow. Well, interim accountancy could signal a new way of living for you.

We work with some amazingly talented professionals year on year, placing them in lucrative short term posts for six months of every year before waving them goodbye as they jet off to spend their summers living their very best lives. This system works for those who just want to try it once and for those who want to make this way of living a permanent one. It’s entirely possible to traverse the length of your whole career stepping from one interim post to the next, with fantastic great bursts of adventure or time off with your family sandwiched in between.

Interim posts are also a brilliant way of acquiring new transferable skills. Or perhaps you think you’re ready for Partnership but just want to develop a specialist skillset to boost your CV and make sure you stand out from the crowd when it’s time to apply. One or two interim posts with firms or projects that require something a bit unusual will translate to very valuable experience on your CV.

“A flexible approach when it comes to discussing your onward career in accountancy usually pays off, not just financially but also when it comes to your longterm career prospects and your work life balance.

Often we’ll speak to talented accountants about the options available to them and are surprised to hear that they’ve never considered interim accountancy positions. And in turn they are often surprised to hear of the figures they could earn and the flexibility and new skills an interim post could offer. For many, interim posts are a no brainer!'”

Garry Howling, MD Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

If an interim post is something you’d like to consider, remember that often the best firms don’t get to the advertising stage when these positions open up. We work on behalf of a bank of accountants open to discussing interim posts and we can usually fill the positions in days by contacting our network of candidates.

This means that if you want to know about these lucrative positions, you’ll need to contact us for a confidential chat, upload your CV or email us today. Once we know you’re looking we’ll be sure to connect you with firms who will want to know about you.

Interim accountancy is a whole new way of working and we’re sure you’ll want to do your research before considering it. As always at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we have masses of helpful resources on our website. If you found this article interesting you might also enjoy: Reasons to Consider an Accountancy Career Sidestep or IR35 reforms — what do they mean for interim accountants?

And when you’ve made the decision to go for it, trust the experts and make sure your CV is seen by a huge database of successful UK based accountancy firms. Trust Public Practice Recruitment Ltd.





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