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Why diversity matters

Why diversity matters

“Diversity – the art of thinking independently together” – Malcolm Forbes

Most of us agree that diversity in the workplace is ‘a good thing’.  So common is this point of view, that it’s become almost trite, bordering on meaningless.  You might assume that to have diversity across gender, age, race, culture, attitudes and skill sets amongst your Practice employees is a good thing because … well, everyone knows it’s a good thing.

However, study the issue more closely and we discover there are several sound business reasons for recruiting a team comprising a variety of mindsets, personalities and traits.

Research shows that with a fully diverse workforce, your Practice will have a 35% greater chance of success than your less diverse competitors.

There are at least five good reasons why you should build diversity into your recruitment strategy.

  1. Stronger Applicants

With a diverse workforce, you’ll find that when you do recruit, your accountancy practice will appeal to far more candidates.

Candidates will be attracted to an employer that clearly has a contemporary ethos – a modern, forward-looking vision for its employees.

For the same reasons, a diverse workforce will ensure far greater staff retention.

  1. Greater worldwide opportunities

If your Practice is international, or you’re planning to expand globally, clearly having appropriately diverse staff in key positions will be critical.  You won’t want language difficulties to be any kind of a barrier to client relations.

Employees who are fluent in the languages of your target markets will be key.

  1. More talents, skills and experience

The more people you take on from a variety of backgrounds, the more likely your Practice is to benefit from the inherent diversity of skillsets.

Of course, your employees will have some similar traits and experiences.  But, there’s always the probability that each will bring at least one unique skill or element of experience to your team.  This could manifest itself as a fresh approach to marketing, to client relations or a new process.  Whatever they contribute that’s fresh, they will pass on to their colleagues, enabling them to develop and thus further increase the strength of your Practice.

  1. Improved individual performances

The success, or otherwise, of your Practice will be down to a number of factors.  Chief among these is the chemistry between your individual team members.  Without a diverse mix, it will be much tougher to have everyone pulling in the same direction.

A team with a diverse balance, believing in the same Practice ethos, will be more likely to be working for each other for their mutual benefit and for that of the Practice.

To make the process of finding the right employee a bit easier, you should ask certain interview questions which will highlight a person’s teamwork abilities.

  1. Innovation

With a variety of diverse employee types and skill sets, your Practice will, almost by definition, be open to innovation – new ideas and approaches, which will inevitably lead to growth and increased prosperity.

Diversity will push every employee to strive for better things and encourage them to excel.

Achieving diversity – talk to the specialists

It all starts with your approach to recruitment.  Your first step is to talk to us about your Practice ethos and goals.  We’ll help you to identify the gaps that need filling in order to achieve a healthy and diverse employee mix.




Make sure your Practice achieves and retains a healthy and diverse mix of employee types and attitudes.  We work with Accountancy Practices, throughout the UK, sourcing the best candidates for each Practice role.


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