When to quit your job as an accountant. 5 signs it’s time to move on.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re always amazed by how many accountants stay in jobs that aren’t making them happy, often due to the fear of the unknown.

But in 2022 we’re here to let you know that as a talented accountant you are in BIG demand and the whole country really is your oyster when it comes to finding a new, rewarding and exciting role in practice.

Here’s 5 reasons why it’s definitely time to consider finding a new role in accountancy.

1. Your talent is going unnoticed. 

How did you feel about returning to work this year? Were you all fired up and ready to get stuck into some new and exciting projects safe in the knowledge that your employer has a clear path of progression that you are being encouraged to walk along?

If the answer is no, there’s really no excuse to stay. Brilliant accountants with the more run of the mill or niche skills alike are something that progressive firms are always keen to meet. And once those brilliant employers find you, they’ll invest in your future to make sure you stay with them. If you’re only recently qualified and you’re not being presented with the next steps to increase your knowledge in accountancy, then there’s something amiss. We all need goals to work towards and if your firm isn’t aligning it’s training and development opportunities to yours, it’s time to give us a call. 

2. Your rewards package isn’t changing in line with your skills and experience. 

This is a really common one. Accountants accept exciting new jobs with firms who work them hard and allow them to develop their skills and experience on the job working with their client list. And then two or three years down the line that accountant is vastly more qualified than when they joined. But their rewards package stays the same. Spot the problem?

When you’re in the thick of it, it’s often hard to see the wood for the trees and we regularly speak to candidates who have been beavering away for years who have never stopped to consider if their earning potential has changed. And it always will have. The question is has your employer paid any attention to that fact? If the answer is no you’ll want to be reaching out to us for a confidential chat to find out what others at your level are being paid.

3. You’re just not happy.

Accountancy isn’t the most creative industry and with some firms the opportunities for fun are few and far between. But there’s plenty of accountants out there who are truly happy and wake up with a spring in their step excited to get to to work. Don’t for a second think that that’s not an option for you.

If logging on again in January filled you with dread then there’s an issue. If you work for a firm that offers a brilliant set of values that you can buy into and allows its staff to get involved with the bigger picture, you really can thrive in your job and feel like you’re making a big difference to the lives of your clients, colleagues and senior leadership team. So don’t settle for mediocre and get in touch with us today if you want to find an opportunity to be truly happy in your job. We promise we can make it happen.

4. Location

We’ve written a lot on the blog these last two years about how modern accountants really can work from anywhere. Not every firm we recruit into has adopted this policy on a permanent basis but many have and we’re firm believers that it’s the future. So if you’ve been yearning to be living in a different part of the world or the pandemic has made you want to be closer to friends or family, don’t let the worry about finding a job put you off.

If you have the skillset that our clients want to know about, there’s a really good chance you’ll be offered a good level of flexibility when it comes to negotiating your place of work.

And similarly, if you love working in an office and are looking to relocate to a certain area of the UK but you’re worried about leaving a good job behind, remember that we recruit all over the UK and have a massive database of retained clients who want to know about talented accountants in their area. Often employers will even help meet the costs of relocation which will be a huge bonus!

5. You don’t have time to scour the market.

Oooh this one is the worst! Some accountants are so bogged down in a job they don’t love that they just don’t have the headspace to get their heads above water and see what else is available to them.

Enter Public Practice Recruitment Ltd stage left.

All we need you to do is send us your CV and have a brief and 100% confidential chat about your career to date and what appeals to you when it comes to a new job. We’ll do the rest of the hard work for you. So not having the time really isn’t an excuse not to find the job of your dreams in 2022! A trusted recruitment partner could be the best friend you meet this year!

‘My team and I have our fingers on the pulse of the accountancy recruitment sector and it breaks our hearts to think that there might be unappreciated or unhappy accountants out there who are not proactively looking to improve their situation when we know what opportunities and life changing rewards packages are out there to be claimed! So, if that’s you, the very best thing you can do for your future this January is to send us an email, upload your CV or contact us any way that suits you. We’re ready and waiting to make this your best year yet.’

Garry Howling MD

And if you’re ready to get things moving on the job front, why not take a deep dive into our candidates hub and be inspired with a vast range of useful guides, resources and top tips for progressing your career in practice.



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