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When can you start?

Important things to consider when the accountancy job offer rolls in.

So you’ve found some amazing accountancy job opportunities on our jobs pages, written a winning CV, smashed your online interview out of the park and been offered the job!


But in our experience so many of our candidates get to this stage having given very little thought to all of the questions they’ll need to know the answers to before they sign on the dotted line. Maybe you’re superstitious, maybe you’ve just been so focused on impressing them you’ve not worried about how they impress you. Either way, now is the time to make a list of important things to consider and discuss with your prospective new employer.

Public Practice Recruitment Ltd are here to act as your career guardian angels so putting together a checklist of points to discuss is the least we can do to help.

1. Your Basic Reward

Yes you’re excited to have your skills and experience recognised by a firm you really want to work for. But stop a moment… they are clearly excited at the prospect of working with you too! So now’s the time to check they are offering what you think you are worth. Take a look at our accountancy salary guide of 2021 to see how the offer compares.

If you’re not satisfied with the offer then read our article on how to negotiate upwards. 

2. Additional Employee Value Benefits

What else is on the table and is it enough to make the job one that you can’t wait to start? What’s the employer pension contribution, do you get private healthcare? What does your new firm offer when it comes to annual leave and flexibility in the workplace? You may think that these things are all added extras but in time you’ll come to place a significant value on them so now is the time to negotiate them in.

3. When can you start? 

If you’re expecting to hit the ground running and for your first six months to be about hard graft and proving your worth, squeezing in some time to recharge between jobs might be a really good idea. If the employer really wants you, they’ll be unlikely to worry too much about having to wait an extra week or so to have you on board.

4. What does your induction look like?

The world may be doing its very best to return to a post pandemic level of normal but inevitably most firms will continue to offer some level of remote working. Consider what you hope to achieve from your induction period. If you’re expected to do it all remotely that will have its challenges but at the opposite end of the spectrum a tour of all 8 of the firm’s national offices in the first two weeks may not be something you’re ready for. Chat it through and agree a mutual level of expectation.

5. What does success look like in the first 30, 60 and 90 days?

Take a minute to understand some measurable outcomes that your new employer is hoping you’ll achieve. They don’t have to be set in stone but the prospect of starting a new role can be daunting so having some clarity on a realistic level of achievement while you settle in can be really helpful.

“The chat between candidate and employer after the offer of a job has been made is a really important one. The temptation is for accountants to jump for joy and accept whatever offer is put to them. But we’ll always be on hand to guide our candidates through the opportunity to maximise benefits and to arrange a start that works for them as well as for the new firm. Inevitably there’s usually some give and take but we’re experienced in knowing how much to push back and can support you every step of the way.”

Garry Howling, MD

To ensure you’re working with the very best in the accountancy recruitment business, upload your CV today.

We’re committed to guiding you gently through the job searching journey and our involvement doesn’t stop when you’ve landed your dream role.

We’ve supported accountants who have started out (post or pre qualification) along several stepping stones that eventually took them right the way through to equity partnership! And we can do the same for you so contact us today and we can get the ball rolling on creating your professional legacy.


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