man wondering how to choose an accountancy recruiter

What to look for in an accountancy recruiter

Top traits to look for in your accountancy recruitment partner

Did you know that there are around 30,000 generic recruitment agencies in the UK – each one completely different to the next. And while it’s great to have choice, it can feel overwhelming when you’re choosing between them all. 

The truth is, the recruitment agency you choose should be as good a fit as the candidates they help you to hire. And hiring the wrong person can be bad news. In fact, The Harvard Business Review revealed that 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. 

So, here’s one really important thing to bear in mind. When you partner with any business (or person for that matter), the most important part of that relationship is trust. Trust that they will have your best interest at heart and will always deliver on their promises. 

Engaging a recruitment agency always feels like an even bigger commitment, as you’re trusting us with a) your people and b) your ability to do business. Because your people are everything. Without a strong team…nothing else really matters.

And yes, we do feel that pressure on our shoulders. So we should. 

So, how can you be sure your recruitment partner is a good match who is trustworthy and reliable? 

First of all, you need an expert with market knowledge. A good recruiter should really know their stuff. A specialist recruiter should know it inside out. 

“As a specialist recruiter within the accountancy industry, we understand your business, the industry culture and your very specific needs when searching for talent. We spend time getting to know our clients and their business. We also get to know our candidates – beyond their CV, so we can ensure a perfect match. It’s a costly mistake for employers to chance any other way of working.”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd 

What about the way they treat you, and their candidates? That will tell you a lot about them. Are they human, approachable, passionate, caring and respectful? Are they accountable, keen to exceed expectations and work with you to achieve amazing results? These are all things you should expect and deserve from your recruitment specialist.  

Speed should also be one of your must-haves when choosing a recruitment partner. It’s the number one reason most employers use a recruiter – to save time. But if your recruiter isn’t acting without delay then the process is counter productive, and you should look at alternative options. You should never feel as though you’re micromanaging your recruitment partner or having to chase them.

Why not take a look at our core values at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd? It’s why we’re relied upon to successfully match accountancy jobs in Solihull, Stoke on Trent, Chester, Cambridge and everywhere in between. We place candidates in all accountancy disciplines from Bookkeeper to Partner Designate. 

Call us today on 0333 577 7787 so we can show you what to expect from us. 


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