What personality colour are you and how will this impact your job hunt?

Understanding your core personality can make your search for jobs in accountancy make much more sense.

And it’s also something that hiring managers might look for if they’ve researched the personality mix of their existing team and want to recruit the perfect person to compliment it.

So what are personality colours and how can job hunting accountants analyse what colour they might be?

There’s lots of systems used around the globe for analysing personalities and they are used professionally and personally to help people finds success and happiness by swaying in the direction of their natural tendencies rather than fighting against them. You may have heard of Myers Briggs for example which is a systems that assigns people letters.

But a colour system is perhaps one of the most simple to undertake without professional support and most accountants will learn something about themselves by taking the time to analyse which colour (of red, blue, yellow and green) or combination of colours they might be.

And the real lightbulb moment will come when you consider how your personality colour affects how you approach your search for a new job as an accountant.

In this blog we’ll be considering the four personality colours; red, yellow, green and blue, what characteristics people in those colour groups might display, how each personality colour might approach their job search and finally why those personalities would be a brilliant asset to a winning team in accountancy.

Let’s start with RED!

Accountants with a red personality type will be decisive, active (the kind of person who might enjoy boxercise as a way to vent frustration for example), direct, logical, expressive, confident, impatient and sometimes demanding.

Red personalities have a very short attention span so they’ll need the right job to stand out and there’s a risk they might miss a brilliant opportunity if it’s not well promoted. Red personalities have to take care that their confidence doesn’t get misinterpreted as arrogance either on their CV or at interview. Red personalities can make brilliant leaders; their decision making skills when paired with a brilliant team of do-ers, can be the answer to a high performing team.

What about accountants with BLUE personalities? 

All firms need plenty of blue accountants! In fact people with blue tendancies are probably highly likely to have trained in accountancy as they will showcase analytical skills and are big planners. They won’t be able to leave a task until it has been completed perfectly and they need a little longer to make decisions than accountants in outher colour groups.

Blue personalities have a tendancy to over-think things so they need to ensure they are not applying for perfectly brilliant jobs as they don’t tick every single box that they think they need. Blue personalities need to try hard to allow flexibility in their lives and to consider roles that are almost right with a view to ironing out any kinks as they go along; that won’t come naturally to blue personalities.

But blue personalities are so important to have in any team as they are the ones who will bring work to completion and ensure it’s delivered well and on time. Without them, accountancy firms will certainly flounder.

And YELLOW accountants? 

The yellow accountants will be the ones with the big ideas. They will be cheerful and quite happy to be in the spotlight presenting in front of big groups. They will be the ones who rally the team and can create enthusiasm wherever they go. They are loyal and honest and though they can be decisive they can overthink things after the event has taken place.

Yellow accountants will usually thrive at interview. They tend to be pretty good at reading the room and making personal connections. But they can be thrown by change, so if you’re a yellow personality you might want to work on your ability to be flexible if a new task or interview style gets thrown into the mix at short notice.

Yellow accountants make great sales people as they are bubbly, easy to talk to and always optimistic. Their creative side will also mean they are brilliant to have around the table when it comes to strategy and lead generation brainstorming.

Finally what about GREEN? 

Green accountants are usually extremely emotionally intelligent and loyal. They are great listeners but sometimes find it hard to react to any form of criticism because they take such pride in their work. Green personalities can be prone to people pleasing.

Green personalities don’t tend to struggle to get jobs as they are usually able to sense what kinds of answers are expected of them and know how to showcase their worth. But when a green personality is not selected for the job, the impact of this can be catastrophic to their confidence. They also really struggle internally to process conflict, though it’s unusual if that prevents them from shying away from it.

Green accountants are almost always part of a successful firm. They thrive under pressure, make great managers and can work autonomously.

“Whichever personality (or mix of personality) you are, there will be a role for you in practice in all parts of the UK and at all levels to suit your skills and experience. At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd our extensive experience in helping accountants to shine via CV and at interview means we’re well versed in helping you pull out all of the many benefits that your personality has to offer. “

Garry Howling, MD

So pick up the phone today and let us help you work with your natural tendancies rather than against them and find your most natural path to career success. And be inspired by taking a look at our extensive list of articles to support job-seeking accountants and opportunities to apply that new found knowledge towards winning your dream job!



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