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What if Dominic Cummings is right…?

Dominic Cummings’ Job Advertisement Raised Eyebrows!

We posted an article for you this week about the recent Dominic Cummings ‘scandal. It seems you were following the news story with as much interest as us.

The controversial job advertisement Cummings shared with the world was shocking – calling upon “weirdos” and “wild cards”, singling out graduates and dismissing gender identity diversity. It was a 101 in how not to write a job advertisement…particularly when you work for the government!  And it most certainly got tongues wagging. It also caught the attention of the spoon-bending psychic, Uri Geller, who called on Boris Johnson to snap him up! He obviously felt he fitted the job description – “an unusual set of people with different skills and backgrounds.”

And maybe that was the intention of the advertisement. Not to land himself in a possible employment tribunal. But to shake up the process, say exactly what he thinks and ultimately, employ the kind of unique talent which he feels is lacking at Number 10.

What if he’s onto something?

We wondered…what impact would it have for employers if we all adopted the same kind of free-thinking method when it came to creating job advertisements?

What if we could replace the standard cookie-cutter criteria about qualifications and experience, with non-business and character-related qualities? Chances are if these were your priorities when it came to the interview process those types of questions would be explored – safely behind a meeting room door!

But the worry would be, what if at that stage you’ve missed the opportunity to reach out to your ideal candidate by delivering a generic, dry, safe advertisement? And that those unique people with so much to offer aren’t caught within your recruitment funnel. What if all of the sophisticated technology used to source candidates is sifting out the kind of people you need? And what if you’re rushing the recruitment process by delegating the process to HR because your managers are too busy?

And what about potential candidates? How would you feel about a job ad which was creative, specific and transparent? Which wasn’t asking for a minimum number of years’ experience? What if the ad provided context about the business and the role. What if you were invited to view photos of the office and read blogs about the business culture?

It’s an art – striking the balance between professionalism, being open-minded and ‘selling’ the role – and crucially, keeping within the law.

Okay, so what’s the solution?

It’s simple really. Speak to a recruiter.

Why? A good recruiter builds relationships. They know the candidates and the employers well. They understand the intricacies of the role, they’ve experienced the culture of the business first-hand and they remember small but crucial details. Plus, they keep in touch with and have access to those ‘passive candidates’ who aren’t actively looking for jobs but who may be a perfect match for a business. They aren’t afraid to meet new talent in all kinds of spaces, they can forecast your hiring needs and always stay up to date with recruitment trends.

Most importantly, talented recruiters do not judge a book by its cover. They encourage diversity, passion and can balance the importance of operational skills with behavioural qualities.

They are also clued-up on employment law and discrimination, so if you did fancy getting ‘creative’ – Dominic Cummings style …they’ve got your back!

If you’re an employer who wants to partner with a professional recruitment company, or a job-seeker who wants to work for a forward-thinking business, please get in touch today.

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