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What does the next generation of the workforce look like?

The Next Generation of Accountants

The global economy, the accountancy profession and the next generation are fast changing. We want to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to plan and adapt to meet these challenges, and exploit all of the opportunities available.

With this in mind, a new study by AAT has revealed some compelling information which we believe that employers in the accountancy sector need to know about.

In short, Generation Z is going nowhere – ignore them at your peril!

Generation Z is the term given to those whipper snappers born between 1996 and 2010 – post millennials. They think and act differently to the rest of us and are evolving at speed. Born into a digital world, they are tech-savvy, fiercely independent and fastidious. If this is starting to sound like a scary B movie, then please don’t be afraid! But in all seriousness, you will want to recruit from this wave of talent, and we’d like to show you how.

Be accessible. 40% of the 16-24 year olds surveyed said that they placed value on financial literacy, and 50% of the ambitious Generation Z respondents wanted to create their own business. So, what does that mean to employers? That you need to re-evaluate your hiring methods and quickly adapt to their needs in order to get their attention. This begins with using alternative hiring methods – something we keep a close eye on as experts in the industry. And from experience, we know that social media is advancing as quickly as the generation in question.

Embrace diversity

123,000 accountants have joined the workforce in the last 10 years and the demographic is more diverse than ever, including qualifications. As few as 52% of the respondents of the AAT survey were willing to complete a degree. Which means that hiring managers will need to consider a more diverse range of qualifications, and place more importance on skills, experience and values.

Invest in critical hires. 60% of the Gen Z surveyed expected to up-skill during their working life, and only 9% expected to work at one company for their entire career. With this generation wanting to move around so freely, hiring for the critical positions – the most important roles which significantly affect revenue, must be critical to your recruitment strategy.

“We anticipate that the accounting profession, and all professional organisations, face huge changes over the next few decades when it comes to talent acquisition and recruitment strategy.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we keep up to date with the latest recruitment trends and work closely with employers to ensure their unique requirements for their practice is fulfilled, now and in the future. This can include help to develop a dynamic recruitment strategy.

This cannot be achieved overnight, so by responding now you’ll be way ahead of your competitors come graduation day!”

Garry Howling, Managing Director of Public Practice Recruitment Ltd


As specialist accountancy recruiters, we know how candidates think – how their minds work. When it comes to all aspects of the accountant recruitment process, we’re the experts – always here to help.


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