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What are you worth?

What are you worth?

You’re thinking of going for a new role in accountancy.  All kinds of considerations will be spinning through your mind.  The position you’re applying for, the location of the Practice, the promotion prospects.  And of course, a key element will be the salary.  As you go through the application and interview process, you’ll be asking yourself (and if you aren’t, you should be) – ‘Does the pay offered by this role reflect my true value?’

But, even if you’re not thinking of moving to a different Practice, you should still be asking the same question.  Whereas you won’t want to appear greedy, you should always make sure that you’re not being taken for granted and that your true value to your employer is being recognised by your rate of pay.

How to calculate your true value

Your salary should be based on your knowledge, experience, location and skills.  One approach is to find out what others at your level are being paid.  Talk discretely to colleagues or to people you know in other similar Practices, who are working at your level of the role you’re applying for.  But, be careful.  There’s always the danger of indiscretion and Practice politics.  You might not want word to get out that you’re looking for a move or a pay rise.

The best way to accurately assess your true value is to talk to a specialist accountancy recruiter.  At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we’re renowned for our profound knowledge of the marketplace.  We’re perfectly placed to give you an accurate and realistic assessment of where you should be sitting on the pay scale.  Remember – any conversation you have with us will be entirely confidential.

This approach is preferable, even if you’re not considering a move, but simply want to know whether you’re being paid a fair amount.  We all need to feel valued.  A mere pat on the head and a ‘jolly well done’ isn’t enough.  To feel genuinely appreciated and therefore motivated, we need to be valued financially too.

You and the Practice bottom line

There’s more to assessing your value to a Practice than experience and skills.  Think also about what you have added to the value and nett profit of your current employer.

Keep a record of how your role has directly influenced the success of the Practice.

  • Did you implement an efficient process that saved money?
  • Did you lead a new project that proved to be highly successful?
  • Did you, by your actions, attract new clients to the Practice?

When you’re attending an interview, either for a new role or to ask for a pay rise, you should highlight these achievements.  But a mention won’t be enough.  Without evidence, your claims won’t only be ineffective, they could be seriously detrimental to the success of the interview.



Make sure your salary reflects your true worth.  We help candidates throughout the accountancy sector.  Carry out your own Job Search.  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your career, either short or long-term.

Do call us.  We’re here to help.

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Are you being paid your true worth? Does your accountancy role pay what it should? For expert, effective accountancy career advice, call 0333 577 7787


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