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Happy World Mental Health Day!

We really hope that’s exactly how you’re feeling on this very special day; happy.

But the truth of the matter is, that if everyone was feeling that way all of the time, there would be no need for World Mental Health Day.

Mental health is a basic human right, yet the World Health Organisation tells us that one in eight people globally are living with a mental health condition, so today, in line with the theme for this year; Mental Health is a Universal Right, we wanted to take a moment to list some suggestions of how our candidates, our clients, our team and anyone else who stumbles upon this article, can help strengthen and support the mental health of others that they encounter universally; anywhere and everywhere.

1. Respect mental health

Thankfully in the UK, there is increasingly less and less stigma around mental health (though of course there is still plenty of work to be done), but in many parts of the world, mental health is still not recognised and respected as a basic human right.

Acknowledging the impact that poor mental health can have on our communities is a vital first step that everyone must take to ensure that we thrive as a global population. So, be sure to offer those that you encounter in your daily lives, respect, patience and understanding about the challenges they face in their mental health.

2. Young people are at risk too

Opening up about our mental health can be challenging and often it’s something that gets easier as we mature. But, many mental health conditions are at their most prevalent during adolescence, so we can all do our bit to explore ways to help the younger population open up about any struggles the might encounter and to seek help when they need it.

3. Help make support services readily accessible

We all know that our health service is under pressure and this challenge is echoed around the world with many countries offering no access to mental health services at all. By using our voices and our time to campaign for better mental health services and where possible to share and support the work of charities around the globe that champion mental health, we can increase accessibility wherever possible.

3. Challenge the stigma

Everyone has the right to live in a world that is free from mental health stigma. If you encounter it in your communities (workplaces, schools etc) – challenge it. Call it out and question why people thing it’s ok to discriminate against those with a mental health condition.

4. Empower others to know their human rights

Support those who do not know that mental health is a human right by informing them and advocating for them. All too often those who have experienced mental health conditions are excluded from decision making or from opportunities where they could make a real difference and a genuine contribution.

This year, the founders of World Mental Health Day, the World Federation of Mental Health are celebrating their 75th anniversary and this year’s theme aims to encapsulate the universal importance of mental health.

If you, your firm, your family or your friends want to learn more about how you can make a difference to the human right that is mental health, visit the WMHF website and watch this commemorative video to find out more about the history behind this special day.


And of course if you know or see someone who is struggling; in any walks of life, the most important thing you can do is listen. It’s always good to talk! If you are ever worried that someone’s mental health could cause a danger to life, this handy document from the Samaritans will help you decide what to do. 

Don’t forget, at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we don’t allow for any forms of discrimination in the recruitment process. Diversity and inclusion is entwined into every step of our work so you can be certain that your universal human rights will always be respected. Contact us today to find out more. 


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