VE Day 75th Anniversary – your guide to the day

VE Day 2020 – How to Celebrate Safely

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we’re on the countdown to VE Day on Friday 8th May. Just like you, we want to celebrate, honour, and remember the heroes from World War II. Plus, there’s never been a better time to unite the nation and have a good old-fashioned party! So, here are some ideas to make your socially distanced VE party extra special.

Victory in Europe – The history

It’s important to reflect on why we are celebrating, and share with our children what this day is all about. This Friday will mark 75 years since the end of war in Europe, when the Allied forces formally announced the surrender of Germany and brought the war to a close after six long years. This is an opportunity for us to pay tribute to the brave men and women who gave their lives, and others who sacrificed so much through such dark times – Army, Navy, RAF, factory workers, doctors, nurse, police offers and volunteers.

Six years of bloodshed killed approximately 67,200 civilians in Britain and her Crown Colonies, and 383,700 members of the British Armed Forces.

If you’d like younger members of the family to learn more about what this time felt like, see if they’d like to watch this short film.

How you can celebrate at home

75 years ago, there were parties in the street, extended pub opening times and crowds of people rejoicing in Trafalgar Square. This, year the lockdown means that plans originally made for the 75th anniversary have had to change. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at home and online.

The official itinerary:

At 11am, the nation will pause with a two-minute silence to remember the heroes of World War II.

At 2:45, BBC One will broadcast the famous victory speech from Sir Winston Churchill in which he announced the end of the war in Europe.

“We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing, but let us not forget for a moment the toil and efforts that lie ahead.”

At 3pm, it’s The Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of World War Two. Get on your doorstep, raise a glass, cheer and clap…something you’ll be well accustomed to by now.

At 9pm, HM The Queen will address the nation – the very time her father spoke to us on 8th May in 1945,  and we’ll all unite as a country by standing on our doorsteps to sing Vera Lynn’s “We’ll meet again”.

Quite frankly, we’ve got goose bumps just thinking about it!

Front garden celebrations

Let’s all get involved. It’s a bank holiday and there’s no work. So, throw a safe, physically distant, stay at home street party with your neighbours.

Decorate your home red, white and blue with bunting and flags. Making your own bunting will keep the kids involved and entertained.

Prepare a garden picnic or go all out with a VIP afternoon tea. Why not go retro buffet with Spam or a Homity Pie?

You and the family could dress up in 1940s gear and even learn a few dance moves!

Stick on an upbeat playlist with Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra and Doris Day. And of course, Get Vera Lynn lined up for just after 9pm.

VE Day in 1945 marked the start of normal life for us as a nation, And who knows, it may just be the beginning of the easing of lockdown 2020. What better way to remember, celebrate and feel thankful?

We’d love to hear your own VE Day celebration ideas and even better, see some photos. Tag us in any you post on social media and we’ll be sure to share on our LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

Have fun everyone – we’ve so much to feel thankful for and to celebrate.


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