Twixmas – how can accountants best make use of the time between Christmas and New Year

If you’re an accountant who finally has some headspace in this strange period we call Twixmas, what better way to spend it than by creating a strategy to make 2022 your best career year yet!

Perhaps you’re part of the skeleton crew keeping your current firm ticking, or you’re at home but your mind keeps turning to how you can make a career change this year, here’s a few pointers on how to make the most of this ever so slightly quieter period to boost your career as an accountant in 2022.

Let’s start with the most important – REST

If this blog finds you happily enjoying walks with your nearest and dearest or watching your absolute favourite festive films with a family size box of Quality Street – do not let us stop you.

Rest is as important as strategy when it comes to your career so go in whichever direction you’re naturally inclined. If your mind and body are telling you that best way to make use of the lull between Christmas and New Year is to sleep or be around nature or laugh in person or virtually with those who mean the most to you, there’s a reason for that. Without rest we can’t commit the energy that the career of accountancy demands. So lean in to that and let your mind clear itself of work pressures.

But the busiest of minds are usually very good at telling their owners when they are sufficiently recharged. And if, after one or two days of chill, you’re finding you’re itching to get going into 2022 and your mind seems to be buzzing with ideas and energy, channel  that and get stuck into planning your version of success in 2022.

Perhaps start out by creating or reviewing your five year career plan. You’ll find all the ideas you need to create your plan here.

And if yours is already in existence, take some time to check in with it and make sure it’s all still applicable. Give yourself a pat on the back if you’re on track to achieving everything you’d hoped to this year and if you haven’t, now is the time to adjust the plan and consider whether it’s achievable or whether you might need to pivot in light of what you consider to be realistic (but challenging) expectations.

Next up take some time to scan the horizon of accountancy. Take a deep dive into your LinkedIn, skim read industry news and just use the headspace you know you might not experience again for a while to take stock of the world of practice accountancy. You’ll be amazed at what you might notice when you have a bit of headspace and you’re professionally rested. Perhaps an old friend has taken on a new position of influence with a firm you admire, or you spot something that sparks your interest on the Public Practice Recruitment Ltd candidates hub , use this time to allow yourself to fall down an industry rabbit hole and take some notes as you go so you remember to follow up on any leads that you notice.

Immerse yourself in positive energy. If you’re enjoying long walks in the countryside or spending time here and there working off those roast potatoes in the gym, take your headphones along and let the words of people you admire fill your mind with inspiration and focus.

Here’s a few podcasts we recommend but you know who you’ll enjoy listening to tune in to whatever feels right!

The Tony Robbins Podcast – Stand Guard at the Door of your Mind

The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan – The Best Career Advice for Young People

Squiggly Careers – Leadership with Rene Carol

Live Laugh Work – Understanding humour at work

Now you should be feeling really positive and in the perfect mindset to be noticed by your dream accountancy employer. So it’s time to polish up your CV (and we a have whole group of articles available to help you with this in the Employers Hub), have a serious think about the types of roles you think might work with your five year plan (interim, Partner level, relocation – there’s so many opportunities for those who are committed and have the right mindset. )

Then finally – upload that CV, reach out by email or direct message and make sure you’re heading into 2022 with an recruitment guardian angel (AKA us) at your shoulder. We’ll also be starting 2022 with a winning mindset so we’re sure to be your perfect recruitment partner.




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