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At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re over the moon every time one of our excellent candidates is offered a new opportunity – matching high calibre candidates with top notch UK Accountancy firms is what our business is all about!

But as we all know the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the whole nation has had to adapt to a new way of working and living and for a time there was a stall on recruitment.

However, we’re thrilled to report that the month of May has seen a return to a much healthier pace in the industry and we wanted to highlight a case study of one of our candidate’s (Gary’s) journeys to success which really does demonstrate that accountancy firms out there are hungry for great staff. There’s plenty of work to do and on the whole, the attitude of practice is changing with a more flexible, remote ways of working within the scope of the vast majority of our vacancies.

Gary’s Journey with Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

Gary submitted his CV in response to a vacancy he’d seen on our jam packed website. He told us that he was surprised to see firms looking for new staff during the pandemic and was keen to find out more about the role of Manager in the South West of England.

Our client was excited to hear about Gary’s experience and with the flexibility offered by online interviews (which are now the new norm) a Skype call was hastily arranged. And when we say hastily, we mean within twenty four hours of Gary submitting his CV to us.

We asked Gary how he felt about interviewing online.

‘In the past, the interviews I have attended were face to face and occasionally initially by phone but never online. I didn’t have any concerns about demonstrating my skills via this medium because this is something that I would have to do either way. I was more concerned about seeing my face on a computer monitor.’

Turns out Gary had nothing at all to worry about and he performed brilliantly at interview and was asked to attend a second online interview just three hours later. He took advantage of our top tips for nailing an online interview and he certainly made an impression with our clients and was offered the job.

When it came to negotiating the offer we were keen to work with Gary to ensure the best possible terms and conditions and in the current climate this included the practicalities of where and when he would perform his duties, not just during the pandemic, but after. We noticed (as did Gary) that the firm’s willingness to consider flexible and remote working was impressive and on discussion we realised that this was likely to be a COVID-19 related shift that we were pleased to report on recently. It’s great news for inclusivity in the workplace.

It wasn’t just the time between application and offer that was a record in this specific instance. Gary started his new role this week, just 12 days after uploading his CV to us! We asked him if he felt employees were more likely to be reducing red tape and making things happen in light of the pressures of COVID-19. He told us ….

‘In my opinion, the situation shouldn’t be any different to how it was prior to the lockdown. However employers seem to be too sceptical about how their business will be going forward and I believe those who are brave, will achieve more success in the future.’

And we couldn’t agree more. With the economic future uncertain for businesses around the country, we’re confident that the bolder firms, bolstered by a brilliant organisational structure and individual talent, will be the ones who triumph.

We’re also very pleased to report that Gary found the whole process to be a painless one and enjoyed working alongside another Garry, our M.D…….

‘Garry was very efficient and replied to calls and emails very quickly.’

To kickstart your career or your plans to future proof your accountancy firm get in touch for a no obligation chat today. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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