Turn your redundancy into a brilliant opportunity

If you’re an accountant who has recently been made redundant then this is a must read for you.

Typically the word redundancy is not one that we’ve been conditioned to associate with excitement or optimism.

But today at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re very much in a glass half full kind of mood, and we’re excited to ask you to join us by looking at your redundancy as an unexpected detour on your journey to true professional success.

Intrigued? We hope so! Read on to hear our top reasons why your redundancy could be the best news your career has ever had!

1. Fear is progress and the fact that you’re undoubtedly feeling a little bit scared about what lies ahead is secretly a very powerful thing. Nothing good ever comes out of complacency so the opportunity to channel those uncormfortable feelings to find positive change is a blessing in disguise!

2. You’re in a sector where you don’t have to worry about jumping in to a big new job straight away. Interim contracts are readily available to you (especially as we head into tax season) and if you’re not in a financial position to take a few months off to consider what direction you want your career to head in, contact us today and we guarantee we’ll be able to find you a short term contract to tie you over (and you’ll be surprised by how much you can earn in the process!)

3. When settled in a period of reflection or a safe interim contract, enjoy the freed up headspace to maximise your wellbeing and get on top of your goals to create a strategy for your career in accountancy. Really take the time to list what matters to you in a new job and what rewards you want and deserve in your next role.

4. You’ll have some time to get your job hunting armoury in tip top condition. When you’re hunting for a new job while working hard in an existing role, when do you ever have the time to refresh your CV or check that your online personal branding is leaving the right impression with potential new employers?

5. Now you finally have some time to network. Get out there and get yourself noticed amongst the kinds of firms that you really want to be working for. Like so many 21st century industries, in accountancy it’s often who you know just as much as what you know.

6. You can factor in some recharge. If you’ve been through the process of redunancy you’ve likely been through the mental and emotional wringer. So factor in a decent holiday where you can reconnect with those who really matter to you, nature and yourself. You’ll have so much more to take to the interview table if you’re starting out with a cup full of energy.

7. Time to increase your breadth of knowledge. If you always wanted to get more involved in the creative machinations of running a business then know is the time to take a few courses or swat up on topics that will count as a transferable skill on your CV. We’ve listed a whole load of possibilities for extra learning on the blog before. 

8. You get the pleasure of working with a fabulous recruiter like us! The decision to register with a specialist recruiter means that once you’ve tweaked your CV and ensured your personal branding is looking great you can relax and enjoy some downtime while we find the perfect opportunities for you. Our market knowledge and contacts list of brilliant recruiting firms are second to none and you may just find that we get you the job you’ve always dreamed of much sooner than you anticipated. We’ll also likely find you a better benefits package than you ever imagined possible!

So if you’re soon to be packing up your posessions and leaving the office for the last time, make sure you have a smile on your face as your future is brighter than ever before!

To work with the very best specialist accountancy recruiter, upload your CV or send us an email today. We can’t wait to help you shape your next professional step.



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