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Top Tips For A Better Busiest Month Next Year

Are you looking to grow your accountancy business?

A huge pat on the back for surviving January 2020. It was a slog, right? All accountants know that January is the busiest time, and yet most years – just as we roll our eyes at clients for poor planning, we’re just as guilty.

Long days, working flat out, missing your family, crawling into bed at midnight, 5am alarms … it’s a given in our industry. But with this knowledge, all it takes is some clever-forward planning and next Christmas you could enjoy some time off. You could even get to spend some time at home in January. And maybe, you won’t feel mentally exhausted come the end of January 2021.

Here’s our guide for busy accountancy firms, and exhausted accountants:

  1. You know the drill, you work long hours, sat in one position, you don’t eat or drink the right things, you barely sleep and you’re highly stressed. So, it’s no surprise when you become ill. It’s totally counterproductive because then you are less productive and more likely to make mistakes. There are some really simple things you can try next year. Keep a drawer full of healthy snacks, take regular breaks from your screen and do everything in your power to get a full 8 hours of sleep. It’s not rocket science, but while we are so busy, setting a few simple rules for yourself can make the world of difference.
  2. Make use of technology without having to spend thousands of pounds on installing the latest trends in accountancy software. A digital to do list, an amazing camera so you can save time with virtual meetings, multiple monitors, making use of Siri on your iPhone – all time saving hacks which combined can make January a whole lot easier.
  3. It’s ok to say no to clients with last minute requests. If they have left it too late then it’s perfectly acceptable to tell them so. However, if work is delayed and it’s your fault, or you have a VIP client who you want to keep sweet, consider waiving any penalty fees. It might be worth it in the long run.
  4. Eat the frog – as the saying goes. When plonking yourself down at your desk in the wee small hours with squinty eyes and a grande flat white, it’s tempting to start the day with the easy tasks. But by tackling the most painful job first, the worst is over and your day is only going to get better.
  5. During the firefighting months of December and January, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball and neglect your other projects. Which means that February is spent on catch up and damage limitation. Clients who are affected by this won’t sympathise purely because it’s a busy time for you. So, being proactive and hiring extra staff to help you keep on top of the everyday workload, could be a cost-effective exercise.


There you have it, five simple ways to make January 2021 a doddle. Well, maybe that’s wishful thinking! But certainly, a little easier.

Managing Director of Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, Garry Howling says, “We’d love to make January 2021 easier and more profitable for you. Employers should get in touch with us so we can help share the load. Don’t wait until the last minute! And job seekers, don’t forget that this time of year is great for finding new and exciting roles!”


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