Tips and tricks for Zoom and Microsoft Team video calls

Top Zoom and Microsoft Teams Tips for Accountants

Who had even heard of Zoom a few months ago? Now it’s as much a household name as Google. And if you’re not ‘Zooming’ on the family quiz or client catch up, it’s Microsoft Teams.

One of the reasons these platforms have been so popular during the pandemic is that they are both so easy to use. However, did you know that there are some pretty nifty features beyond your basic call which could make you a Zoom or Microsoft Teams guru, elevate your meeting, impress your colleagues and win you that job?

5 ways to Zoom like a pro

  1. Change your background and transport yourself to the beach or Disney World. Let’s face it, it’s the nearest you’ll get for a while! You can also download a background of your choice – such as your company logo, for more professional looking meetings. Go to Settings, Virtual Background and choose from there.
  2. Share the screen by hitting Cmd+Ctrl+S or Alt+S. Screenshot with Command(⌘)+T or Alt+Shift+T. Invite someone with a click of Command(⌘)+I or Alt+I. And mute and unmute by tapping the spacebar – genius!
  3. Before your meeting, go to Settings, Meetings, Advanced Meetings and Switch – to enable a Breakout Room. During the meeting you’ll see an icon on the options menu at the bottom of the screen. Enabling the Breakout Room function will allow you to separate people into smaller groups to talk privately.
  4. Did you know that you can smooth fine lines and get rid of lockdown eye bags with an instant filter? Before anyone else joins, click the up arrow next to the video icon, select Video Settings and Touch Up My Appearance. Hello, beautiful!
  5. You can share a virtual whiteboard in Zoom by pressing the Share icon, then choose Whiteboard. It’s super useful…and can be loads of fun!


What is Microsoft Teams?

When it comes to collaboration and online meetings, the only real difference between Zoom and Microsoft Teams is that it’s integrated with the rest of the Microsoft business messaging suite, as well as tools such as Word and Excel.

So, this is probably your ‘go to’ for work video conferencing over Zoom. What’s handy here is that you can do things like check everyone’s availability for a scheduled meeting with the integrated calendar. Plus, all agendas, content and notes are captured in one place – within the channel. It’s basically a communications hub for businesses.

Here’s some tips for becoming a Microsoft Teams super-user:

  1. You can filter activity and keep up with key updates with @mentions. Click on Activity, Filter and @mentions. This is handy for separating work and personal messages too.
  2. Type /dnd in the search box to set your status as Do Not Disturb.
  3. Click on the smiley face, pick an image or gif and have a little fun. You can also use the pen to create your own content.
  4. Select Turn Off Incoming Video within the More Options icon to speed up slow calls.
  5. Blur your background within the same menu if your home working environment is not as professional as you’d like.


For virtual meetings, and especially job interviews, feeling confident with the platform you’re using is vital. We hope these hints and tips help, but please also see our full articles on nailing an online interview and conducting an interview as an employer here.


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