The skills employers want…which you never knew you had

Looking for a job as an accountant? Think about your hidden skills.

You may think that the COVID-19 crisis has meant a complete disaster in terms of job searching, up-skilling and career advancement. Well, you’d be wrong.

Employers may be recruiting a little differently, and the talent pool may have widened – but your time spent during lockdown has not been in vain.

As we prepare to return to some sort of normality, we’d like you to ask yourself…what have you learned during lockdown?

Digital learning

There has been a huge offering of online courses in all matters of self-development and technical skills. Are there any workshops, webinars or off-line reading you’ve experienced which current or potential employers would love to know about? Even courses which are not directly related to your job help to build a picture of you and your passion for learning and developing. To keep your skills relevant and fresh, commit to a lifetime of learning and your CV will go straight to the top of the pile.

Personal development

Anyone who became an overnight teacher this year knows just how much time, effort and patience it took for you to pull this off! If you weren’t before, you are now a serious multitasker. And we bet your budgeting skills have been stretched too. Even as accountants, financial planning and problem-solving is not always easy when it comes to our own money. Leadership? Have you taken on the unofficial role of team leader while you and your colleagues have been working from home? Have you been the one to delegate, rally the troops or liaise between teams? In times of uncertainty, have colleagues turned to you for advice? Emotional intelligence is key to connecting with people in the workplace, and it’s a skill employers look for in potential candidates.

Technical skills

Not all of us were Zoom experts at the beginning of 2020. But we are now. And that’s just one of the new technology skills you’ve acquired which has now become part of your everyday life. What other tech have you started using which could help you pip your peers to the post at interview? Freelancers may have built their own websites. You may have started a blog or vlog. All sought after skills in a world which now relies even more on digital and technical skills.

The future

Perhaps the pandemic has made you re-evaluate your life completely. Has it given you the time and headspace to work out what is important to you, and how you’d like to better yourself as a person? Has the recent Black Lives Matter movement forced you into taking action and developing your understanding of diversity? Have you volunteered for a cause, and has this sparked a passion in you which you’d like to take forward? Your short-term reactions could lead to a long-term change. And employers take great interest in stories like this.

Anyone who is going to thrive in a post-coronavirus world needs to be flexible, adaptable and keen to constantly update their skillset.

And while we are programmed to be modest and underestimate our own skills, now is the time to identify and sell your skills and strengths. It is essential to a successful job search.


At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we help candidates identify and highlight all of their strengths to help them secure their ideal job.

Please visit our Resource Centre for more help. Or call us on 03335 777 787 or email

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