The Secret to a Happy Career in Accounting

Ever wondered how to be a happy accountant?

If you get that ‘Sunday night feeling’, fear the morning alarm and watch the clock all day, well, you wouldn’t be alone!

But it’s as much as we can ask to even have a job, get through each day and be paid every month…isn’t it?

Actually no. Job satisfaction and working for a company with a social purpose doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. And don’t believe anybody who tells you differently. Especially that tiny voice inside. You absolutely deserve to use your talents to make a difference and be happy. And get paid too.  

It’s a quiet revolution that’s happening across the UK workforce, with 42% of us wanting to work for a company which has a positive impact on the world. 

So, how do you go about finding a position within an accountancy firm which aligns with your own values and ethics? 

It may be that you want to get onboard with a not for profit firm who has a mission to change the world. Or it may be that you simply want to work for an employer who has a great Corporate Social Responsibility attitude, plays fair, cares about the environment, drives equality and diversity and looks after its people.

In either case, be clear on your own values and ethics first. Then you can seek out a firm which carries those same values at the heart of their own business.

Would you like to work for an employer who sells ethical products, provides a service which has a positive impact on people or tackles climate change and waste? Even on the darkest, coldest winter morning – being part of a ‘movement’ will have you leaping from the bed with a fire in your belly! 

Having a talent like yours, within the world of accountancy, doesn’t just make you a ‘number cruncher’. More and more firms are turning to their accountants and placing them at the heart of their business strategy. We provide valuable financial data, insight and forecasting to companies who use this information to make critical business decisions. After everything 2020 has thrown at us, you have a skill that’s in demand. You can choose how and where you use it. 

“There’s no such thing as business ethics; there’s just ethics. 

And ethics makes no concessions for the real or imagined necessities of making a profit.”

Michael Josephson

Why not make a start by looking at the accountancy positions available with Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. You’ll find award-winning firms with a fantastic working culture, employers who support and encourage their talent, and positions which are flexible to suit your needs and match your work life balance. 

Our aim has always been to match you with a job which ticks off everything on your wish list – not just offer you the first role available. And because we are a specialist accounting recruiter working closely with the top firms, we are the first to know about exciting positions as soon as they are available. 

Please get in touch today by either uploading your CV or calling us for an informal chat about your career on 03335 777 787.


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