Lady looking at carrot being dangled in front of her - text asks what perks do employers deserve?

The perks you should look for in an employer

Should Accountants expect employment perks?

In today’s recruitment market, an attractive benefits package is crucial to attract and retain talent. A competitive salary is no longer enough to entice applications. So, what can you expect a potential employer to offer you? After all, great accountants are in demand in 2021.

Wellbeing package – According to Unum, 86% of employers are changing their approach to employee health and wellbeing due to the pandemic, so you can expect to see more of these in 2021.

Flexible working – Again, following the pandemic, remote and flexible working should be encouraged and fully supported when you apply for jobs with great accountancy firms.

Creative schemes – Employers know that any benefits scheme is a waste of time if nobody wants or uses it. If it’s a tick box exercise, it shows. So, employers that go above and beyond to offer you the things you want, should differentiate them as great employers.

Travel schemes – Cycling to work by leasing a bike is a great way to keep you fit and healthy and help protect the environment. Brownie points to the employers offering this.

A strong EVP – Take a look at the Employee Value Proposition of this accountancy firm looking for a Senior Accountant in Leamington Spa. Recognition, fun and a commitment to personal development – now that’s what you call benefits.

Time off – After 2020, we all know the value of self-care. So, some well-deserved time off is a great benefit. You can learn more about working hours and time off here.

“This is a very busy time of year for accountants. The culture of our industry and the impact of the long-working hours on our health needs to be taken seriously. Never underestimate the value of some downtime in the new year to re-energise and refocus.

Any employer who also recognises this and is generous and understanding is worth their weight in gold.

Virgin and Netflix allow employees to take an unlimited number of holiday days. As long as employees complete their work, there are no constraints on their personal time!”

Garry Howling, Public Practice Recruitment Ltd

Training and qualifications – Being offered a higher or further education loan or paying for professional qualifications is a great benefit. Likewise, employers who invest time into regular skills audits are ones to watch in 2021.

Sport and entertainment – At John Lewis, employees are ‘partners’, and have access to a sailing club where John Lewis’ very own yachts can be sailed across the Solent. If subsidised tickets, shows and events are your thing, look for an organisation who values fun.

A great workplace culture – It’s difficult to define, but when you find employment which fits your values, feels right and brings you happiness – you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s a powerful element which shapes your whole life and speaks volumes about your employer.

If you’re looking for a new position, or even a new career in 2021 – speak to us! Public Practice Recruitment Ltd are the UK experts in accountancy recruitment.

Browse the many UK accountancy positions available on our website or call for advice on 03335 777 787.


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