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The Perfect Accountancy Team Personality Mix

Great accountancy teams make great accountancy firms.

And including some kind of team analysis and personality mix strategy into your recruitment processes is a really good idea. After all there’s no ‘I’ in team and even if you recruit the very best accountant out there, hire the wrong personality type for your existing team and you could create some serious and long lasting problems.

We’ve done lots of work with brilliant firms helping them identify exactly the kinds of personalities who will fit in well with their existing teams so we thought we’d pass on part of our knowledge.

There’s no winning formula but firms who have a mix of the following types of people usually find their team efforts produce great outcomes for productivity and profit as well as really boost their employee value benefit.

Here’s our top five accountancy personalities we suggest you recruit into your firm.

1. The Leader

This may be your role and if so you’ll be highly skilled in diplomacy and though you won’t have any trouble managing conflict, you won’t be someone that actively seeks it, in fact you’re likely to be a big fan of active listening and democratic discussion. Having said that your leader will be decisive. And if your leader is a great one they’ll be quietly confident enough to admit having made the wrong decision but the point is they will have made one, so your firm will always be moving forward.

Your leader will be a brilliant communicator and an excellent delegator. He or she will know when to praise your team for a job well done and will also be sensitive enough to reprimand those who require it without making an unnecessary performance of the process. They will also be well adept at multi tasking and taking a high level viewpoint of the team’s workload and strategic direction.

2. The Analyst

A blue personality in many psychological assessment tools. The analyst is the team member who focuses on the fine print and has 5 star attention to detail.

At times, taking projects on to the next step can be difficult for analysts as given the chance, they would research every fine point to the nth degree and will find decision making very difficult until they have done so.

But as part of a varied team of personalities, an analyst is a great person to have on board. They’ll often pick out an important detail that everyone else has missed and that can save your firm time, money and your valued reputation.

3. The Creative

A really important member of your team, the creative will be inspired by a potentially mundane idea and they’ll wrap it up into something special by adding bells and whistles.

A perfect person to have in the room when you’re brainstorming ways to find new clients or to impress existing ones your team will be a stronger one with a creative on board. Just don’t mistake a creative personality with the skill of creative accounting! That’s most likely not a skill you want in your team!

4. The Doer

The grafter, the one who gets on with it, the person that the Leader is likely to subconsciously always delegate to. Why? Because they don’t ask too many questions and they get the job done.

Often the glue that holds the team together you’ll find that the doer in your team is well respected by everyone because without them the work just doesn’t cross the finish line in time!

To identify doers you’ll need to look for CVs that showcase candidates who can manage a broad range of client portfolios, showcases a calm demeanour and value the success of the team above everything else. Doers are also the people who can transfer creative ideas into a tangible plan of action.

5. The Communicator

These are the team members who will win you business and have the knack for delivering bad news to clients in a way that doesn’t make it sound like bad news!

These guys have the ability to persuade outliers in the team to come on board with something new and will often be a huge asset when it comes to pitching to new clients and winning new business.

Communicators will write and speak well so you’ll recognise them straight away via their CV and at interview. You’ll just need to consider how punchy a personality your team can handle and hire a communicator that won’t upset others by over communicating!

Finding the perfect team is a skill and something that you’ll need to revisit from time to time and like a piano it will need tuning every so often.

As your firm and client base evolves so must your team so making time each year to get together outside of the office for team building and brainstorming is a great way to view your team’s skill set objectively and it’s a really great activity to undertake prior to bringing in someone new.

“At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we love the challenge of finding not just an accountant with specific experience and qualifications, but an accountancy whose personality will perfectly compliment that of their new team. We’re extremely experienced in shortlisting the right candidates to put before our clients and if their CVs don’t help us suss out their personality, we’ll always pre interview them ourselves to make sure you’re not presented with the wrong people, saving you time and hassle!”

Garry Howling, MD

To take advantage of our expert market knowledge, niche accountancy experience and dedication to find you the right skills, qualifications AND personality, reach out for a no obligation chat today. You can call us on 03335 777787.


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