The Accountant’s Guide to Home Schooling

We all know how tough it is to have a job as an accountant AND home school during lockdown. You feel like your head is going to explode! You’ve probably already had a Google or two and discovered the many ‘how to’ articles out there with tips and tricks from professionals – don’t compare, have a routine, follow their passions. You’ll also find loads of educational resources and apps out there to keep the kids sweet. But how about we turn this on its head a bit? 

Let’s just imagine that we only have a month and a bit before our children begin transitioning back into school. And let’s take a moment to remember that people have been successfully home schooling children way before COVID-19. How do those people do it…and manage to keep their sanity?

First of all, it was probably their choice to home school – whereas this is a situation out of your control. So, we all feel a bit miffed about it. Begrudgingly going through the motions. How about we think about the reasons so many parents home school and shift our mindset a little? See it as a short-term opportunity:

Main reasons given for home schooling 

  • Educational freedom and flexibility 
  • Spending more time together as family
  • Supporting your child’s mental health 
  • Moral, religious and cultural reasons
  • Inadequate schools
  • More time to be creative and independent 
  • Avoiding negative sociability – picking up bad habits from peers

All sounds pretty fair, right?  And how often have you actually challenged the school system as the norm for your child? Perhaps as a passing thought when they’ve been struggling – you can see the benefits, but never considered it a viable option. 

Well, it seems many of us do see it as an option, and the pros far outweigh the cons. 

The UK has seen a 40% increase in home schooling during the last three years,

with local authorities reporting 60,544 children as being home educated in 2019.

Figures show that home schooled children perform much better in tests than institutional schools – scoring above average on SATS. Many go on to pursue further education. And as far as social, emotional and physiological development – home schooled kids perform significantly better than those in conventional schooling. 

So, it’s not all bad. Being in lockdown doesn’t make it easier. And this was sprung upon us. But we are not harming our children in any way. 

We could offer you yet another guide on tips and tricks to home school successfully, but we think if we can all relax a little and try our best to enjoy this time rather than endure it – everyone wins. 

What we would like to suggest is this…you’re an accountant – organised, strong communicator, problem-solver, adaptable. If anyone can win at home schooling, it’s you! 

Fingers crossed you have just a few more weeks of juggle. The end is in sight. In the meantime, be kind to yourself. Enjoy your children. Work around them. And don’t be a slave to your email. Also, don’t forget that furlough can be used to help some home schooling parents.

Finally, if you have a great employer, be honest with them and let them know if you’re struggling. Zurich recently offered its UK employees the option to take two weeks full pay with “lockdown leave”. 

If you’d like to see what accounting opportunities there are with great employers like this, please get in touch with Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. From Audit Partner in London to Partner Designate in Derby – we have some great accountancy positions with superb companies and amazing benefits.

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