Ten Free Ideas to Support Accountancy Staff Wellbeing

Wellbeing in the accountancy workplace is hugely important.

With recent news showcasing the catastrophic effects a negative attitude towards supporting mental (and physical) health can have in a workplace (even one as well respected as The Royal Family), 2021 is certainly the time to make staff wellbeing a priority for your accountancy firm.

As always at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd, we’re striving to ease the pressure on accountancy managers so we thought you might find it useful if we listed our top (FREE) resources for boosting staff wellbeing.

10 ways to boost staff wellbeing in accountancy

1. Show you care!

Take the time to jot down your organisational structure and ensure that every member of staff is assigned a wellbeing line manager. Those line managers then need to be trained in active listening and take the time to get to know important detail about the staff they are responsible for. What is their motivation in life? Why do they work hard? Do they care for parents or children? Is their pet the most important thing in their life? Make sure that staff are more than just a number and that they know it.

2. Open Door Policy

If a member of your accountancy team is struggling, they need to be encouraged to open up and never made to feel like help and support is not available to them. Having an open door policy in a workplace can really help, or a way that staff know they can reach out for support and that no excuses will be given as to why their managers don’t have the time to listen to it.

3. Know what external support exists

If you’re a line manager and your employee comes to you suffering with some kind of severe wellbeing issue, you’ll want to know instantly where to find expert support. The NHS website has a useful page of regularly updated support lines and third party organisations who are available to help those in a crisis. Make sure those with people management responsibility in their job description have this link saved to their favourites and know when to refer to them.

4. Adopt a positive workplace culture

Prevention is better than cure and being the employer that works hard to maintain a fantastic workplace culture where staff are supported together as a team, will pay dividends in the long-run. We’ve recently given our clients some ideas about how to maintain great relationships between colleagues when working remotely, why not take a look?

5. Adopt a brand culture that encourages diversity in all of its forms.

Great stress can be placed on accountants who feel, for whatever reason, that they don’t belong or that they’re in a workplace minority that is not respected . Do whatever you can to create a gender balanced, multi cultural, multi generational, multi faith and sexually inclusive working environment. Celebrate the wonderful differences of your people and invite them to celebrate what makes them special and unique too.

6. Take a look at the Thrive at Work webpages and resources provided by the Mental Health charity, MIND.

You’ll find a free guide to wellness action plan, an introduction to mentally healthy workplaces, a people manager’s guide to mental health and resources for actively supporting staff who are struggling.

7. Take a look at the library of podcasts available freely on the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development website (CIPD).

Topics covered include supporting carers in the workplace and understanding the effect of menopausal symptoms on female employees. Consider distributing links to relevant line management staff to better enable them to support your accountants.

8. Get outside with your team!

The benefits of fresh air and exercise on all aspects of health are proven and indisputable. The pandemic has taught us that work doesn’t need to be conducted in a board room all the time. Why not suggest that your staff take a walk with their line manager. Sometimes the avoidance of eye contact and the feeling of not being trapped in an interview style situation might encourage staff to open up.

9. Look at your environment.

If staff are working in the office, take a look around and consider what impact your surroundings might be having on the mental wellbeing and productivity of staff. People work and feel better in workplaces designed with bright open spaces, good lighting and well organised so they don’t feel overwhelmed by clutter.

10. Finally consider your organisational structure. Is it working?

We can’t underestimate the importance of this one. Your staff will rely on you to recognise the signs that organisational change is required. In fact they should expect that of you. If they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed because you don’t have the right people in the right roles with an appropriate workload, you have a responsibility to rectify that. And that’s where we can help. We know you’re busy and that the burden of recruitment in times of crisis is a huge stressor.

Reach out to us today and make use of  our niche accountancy recruitment experience and service. Today is as good a day as any to improve workplace wellbeing by creating the right structure for your firm. Call Public Practice Recruitment Ltd today on 03335 777 787 to discover how we can support you.


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