Supporting women of colour in the workplace

Ever wondered why accountancy leaders should be paying particular attention to supporting women of colour in the workplace?

And before we get started here, we’re not talking about why you should see them, be sure not to overlook their CVs and pay attention to their achievements in the sector.

We’re talking about why you should really notice them. Scour the recruitment market for them and proactively search for them in practice. And Black History Month is the perfect time to open up this dialogue and highlight some of the many benefits that senior leaders will notice when they search for true diversity in their workforce structure.

The Harvard Business Review reported that women of colour get less support at work despite the fact that their research showcased that the vast majority of this demographic have confidence and ambition, determination and desire.

So the biggest reason why accountancy leaders should be seeking out female accountants of colour is that the ones who are achieving great things, are doing so having started out behind the pack. They’ve succeeded (or are in the process of seeking success) without, in many cases, the support of their employers or their societies. And that’s a big deal.

Not only does this demonstrate that they are determined, hard working, ambitious (rightly so) and intelligent, but it also serves to inspire future generations of black women who can see a space for themselves at the top tables. That’s the catalyst for true change.

Despite recent progress spurred on by movements such as #METOO, the glass ceiling is still alarmingly common in British practices and one of the groups still most likely to encounter it are female accountants, female accountants of colour even  more so! 

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we’re paying particular attention to find determinded ambition and talent amongst female accountants of colour. And we’re proud to put these candidates forward to our clients.

‘If you’re a progressive firm also proacively looking to bring talented female accountants into your fold we’d be delighted to help. Particularly if you’re also searching for members of a BAME group. 

In ten years time I want today’s black teenagers to be taking their first steps up the career ladder having had exactly the same level of support as their white counterparts. And today’s the day we start the process of making that the norm.’

Garry Howling, MD

And as well as inviting firms who are committed to ironing out racial microaggressions and unconcious bias to get in touch, we’re always keen to hear from accountants looking for their next professional step. That means female accountants of colour particularly.

So if you’re a female accountant who is wary of taking bold steps to advance the career that you’ve worked hard for, know that you have no better advocate than the team at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd. We’re totally devoted to finding equality throughout practice in every part of the UK and at every level of responsibility.

We’re making in roads to find you on our social media profiles and we’re proactively increasing our network with our candidate database looking more and more diverse every single day. So, to work with a recruiter whose future vision of the top tables in accountancy looks the same as yours, contact us today. 


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