Set your Leadership Intentions for 2022

As a leader in an accounting practice have you ever considered how your intentions for the year will impact those who work for your firm?

If not, 2022 is certainly the year that you should!

First up, it’s important that we consider how an intention is different from a resolution or a goal.

Goal setting is important and should definitely form part of your firm’s strategy, but the process of intention setting is less about the future and more about the present. It’s a commitment to work in a certain way,  a decision about how you will conduct yourself and how your firm will conduct its business and it will allow you to truly focus on how you want to be in the moment and it’s really closely aligned to your core values and those of your business.

Let’s compare it to a physical challenge. Let’s say that you want to climb a mountain. That’s your goal. But there’s lots of issues that may get in the way of you achieving that goal. The weather may be awful. You might fall and twist your ankle. This is where your intentions come in. If you’ve set an intention to give achieving your goal your best shot but to enjoy every moment and to mindfully take note of the experience of climbing from top to bottom, you’ll adapt to the changes that come about in your journey in a much healthier way. And while we’re here let’s add your values to the analogy, let’s say you’re committed to limiting your impact on the environment – so you’ll ensure that you apply that to your adventure too.

So how would an accountancy leader go about setting intentions of the year ahead?

On an organisational level, setting your intentions is basically creating a framework under which your whole business must operate.

So, at Public Practice Recruitment Ltd for example our business intentions are to offer superior market knowledge, to build relationships and treat others as we’d wish to be treated, to exceed expectations by being accountable and working together efficiently and to offer speed to market, acting without delay.

So our goal may be to place 50 talented accountants with brilliant recruiting firms.

But the way we go about achieving that goal is outlined for our whole team via our intentions and core values.

In an accountancy firm you may adopt similar intentions for your team to follow and those will be specific to your firm and its leadership values.

On a personal level it’s absolutely worth setting intentions about how you aspire to operate as a leader. And critically here, don’t just set your intentions, communicate them too. They are no good if you’re the only one who knows what they are!

Here’s some ideas on leadership intention setting on a personal level:

Boundaries – allow your workforce to understand that you are accessible but be clear about how you intend to be available to them. Do you operate an open door policy? If so, they need to understand that if your door is closed, it’s closed for good reason! Do you have a preferred method of communication? Are there certain workflows that you don’t need to be kept informed about unless there is a problem? Your boundaries are what will strike the perfect balance between supportive leadership and micro management.

Your expectations – what are your non negotiables. Is tardiness a major issue for you? If so communicate that clearly. Happy for your staff to work flexibly around their home lives? Again make your intentions to allow that style of working clear but add some guidelines as to when you do expect to see them.

And while you’re at it a few affirmation style intentions can be a really useful tool to refer back to on days where you’re struggling with an issue, managing conflict or lacking in confidence in your skills and qualifications for the role.

Here’s a few examples:

I will not be afraid to have difficult conversations.

I will control what I can control.

I will do my best to lead by example.

I will acknowledge my mistakes and learn from them.

At Public Practice Recruitment Ltd we understand the demands placed on leaders in practice and we know that finding the time to make space for developing your own intentions and goals can be difficult. But we’re certain it will be time well spent.

‘We pride ourselves on many things at my firm, but one of them is the time we’re happy to spend with leaders helping them really look at the bigger picture. Our core aim is to help you find brilliant staff, but to do that properly it’s often important that we delve deeper into the values, intentions and goals of a firm and act as a listening ear and supportive and objective advocate for our clients. That’s all part of the deeper recruitment relationship.’

Garry Howling, MD

To benefit from our expertise and to work with a recruiting firm that you know has worked hard to develop intentions that lead to high levels of service delivery, brilliant communication and expectations that are consistently exceeded, contact us today. We’d be delighted to work alongside you. 


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