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Self Sabotage

Are you the only thing standing in your way?

Are you an accountant who plays close attention to the job market and enjoys reading all about the many opportunities on offer for talented people like yourselves in the world of practice?

Do we know about you? Have you uploaded your CV?

Have you won any of those incredible career opportunities that you’ve seen on our site?

If you’re here, actively reading this, but know that you probably won’t do anything to take advantage of the vacancies for people with skills and qualifications just like yours, you may be guilty of career self sabotage. You may be the only barrier between yourself and the professional success you dream of but don’t seem quite able to actively pursue.

So let’s take a moment today to discuss professional self sabotage and how you can put a stop to it, once and for all.

More often than not, accountants who sabotage their own chances of success do so because they suffer with a lack of self esteem. In short, they just don’t consider themselves worthy of the levels of success that they see others around them enjoying.

They might suffer with imposter syndrome and worry that the world all around them is on tenterhooks waiting for them to step up and demonstrate what they ultimately believe to be true, that they are not talented enough to be in the career they find themselves in.

And it’s a very common problem.

But now that you know there is a name for the way you have been blocking your career development, let’s consider what you can do to reverse the trend.


If we make the decision to never step outside of our professional comfort zones then we can be certain that our careers will not progress outside of the safe space of what we already know and feel comfortable with.

It’s common to feel afraid of failure, a loss of control or in some cases even a fear of being successful! But if we allow our mindsets to change and allow ourselves to believe that professional fear is actually part of our growth, then in time it can be something we learn to be excited by and to strive to feel!

Often we can also really fear change. The feeling of being comfortable in the role that we’re in, knowing everyone in our professional forums, having a good and dependable reputation can feel like too much to gamble if we don’t feel confident in our own abilities. But the rewards of a new position more often than not, turn out to be more than enough to make this a gamble worth taking.

And if you don’t believe that making the most of your future is a risk worth taking then why should a potential employer?

“We commonly encounter accountants prone to career self sabotage. Usually they are the ones that reach out by phone or email and then disappear when we invite them to submit their CV or book a phone call.

In some cases we’ve then pro-actively searched for these candidates and been able to encourage them to believe in themselves. In these instances, the advice we hand out tends to be to avoid worrying about what everyone else thinks – eyes down, stay in your own lane! And then to focus on their strengths, to be open and not terrified of constructive criticism and to work on taking small steps outside of their comfort zone, every day and every week. It soon adds up!”

Garry Howling, MD

If you’re a self sabotaging accountant then know that you’re the only one standing in your way and that the decision to change things is yours to make.

So why not make that decision today? Why not decide that you’re just as worthy and talented as the next accountant and that you deserve every chance of success.

You may not get the role of your dreams first time but that’s also no reason to revert to your old tricks. Perseverence is a big part of success and growth in accountancy.

To work with the accountancy recruiters who really take the time to understand the person behind the CV, email us today. We’d be delighted to coach you and your career to the success you DO deserve.




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